Club Transmediale: Handclaps

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    Handclaps: Voodoo Rhythm - The Gospel of Primitive Rock'n'Roll > directed by M.A. Littler, [DE] 2005, 110 min.
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  • Handclaps: Since Punk Rock first exploded onto the scene, Rockïn½Roll has been able to continue reinventing itself as a niche product far removed from the gaze of the musical mainstream. That which, due to the success of The Cramps and the Psychobilly/Psychedelic revivals in the 1980s, was initially exploited commercially as a retro-phenomenon, led at the same time to increasing differentiation within the genre and fostered such little known and persistent independent sub-genres as Swamp Blues, Garage Trash, XXXCUNTRY, Cajun Zydeco Punk, Blues Trash, Voodoo Soul and Psycho Slavic Country'n'Eastern. The "road-movie rocumentary", Voodoo Rhythm portrays the Swiss label of the same name and its international tribe of artists, The Dead Brothers, The Monsters, King Khan, DM Bob, The Watzloves, Zeno Tornado & The Boney Google Brothers, The Come'nmGo, Dink Winkerton and label-maker Reverend Beat-Man. In English with German subtitles.
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