Beatfreak presents Dachshund and the 'Eleven Ridims' Album Launch·

  • BeatFreak is back from it's summer break for a very special event at our home "Basing House". We are proud to present Legend Dachshund from Switzerland and his new exclusive “Eleven Ridims” album launch party. This is going to be a sick night of deep tech house to blow your minds..!! Then just to make life even more better "Freaky Disco" will be joining Dachshund on the main floor with some of there latest tracks and deep underground beats...and not forgetting Chaz Beazli to get the party started. So join us and be part of something very special.!!! Tickets on sale from Tuesday 15th August on RA only. ELEVEN RIDIM “Eleven Ridims” has been released on the Berlin label “Highgrade”. Let us state clearly: The record is a victory for those who are tired of the sterile monotony that populates so much of the music to be found in the current scene. In each of the eleven tracks you can hear the heart and soul of a thoroughbred musician. Although “Eleven Ridims” is incredibly varied, from the melodic and quiet, to the pounding dance floor killers and back, the album works as a unified whole. Perhaps this is a result of it’s method of creation. “It felt completely natural to make this album,” Dachshund says himself. In the beginning the beats and melodies were established in his head, and from there they almost seemed to evolve into tracks by themselves. For Dachshund, “Eleven Ridims” a unique opportunity to show another side of himself: From the path of pure dancefloor tracks through to more melodic pieces. At the same time, the album is a tribute to his musical roots. As the title suggests: “Ridims” is a Jamaican slang term for an instrumental track. And very clearly from the sunny islands come many of Dachshunds musical influences: It was the Jamaican dub of the 70s to the 90s, which as a teenager inspired the budding musician and led him, as a 15 year old, to play guitar in a reggae band. From that point on, the music has never let him go: At the Konservatorium in Geneva, he took courses in electro-acoustics and learned pretty much everything there was to know about producing music. Gradually, his interest developed more towards Electronic Dub - he began to organize drum and bass parties and mix records, and eventually ended up where he is today. The Reggae and Dub influence of his past is still clearly evident here. As with the track “Intensity Dub”, in which he brings the rough riding and natural sound of the past back to life. Analogue techniques result in distorted sounds, which radiate a unique energy. “I like it because it reminds me of my beginnings”, Dachshund says. The track is very different from the standard Dub Techno – a stroke of luck for Dachshund and typical of his method of making, music: “When I compose, I don’t like rules, but try to be spontaneous and open,” he says. For Dachshund, “Eleven Ridims” is a new step in his career. A step however, in which he feels no pressure. “It was great that I had the freedom with Highgrade to do what I wanted,” he says. He isn’t nervous, but simply excited about the upcoming reactions. And the reactions for “Eleven Ridims” can only be those of excitement and delight. Join us you gorgeous FREAK's..for a unforgettable night!! x x Check out RA for tickets and further info.
  • Beatfreak presents Dachshund and the 'Eleven Ridims' Album Launch· - Flyer front