drumro[ll] presents...Shed, Untold & Trevino

  • drumro[ll] 2nd birthday It’s our birthday. Come to our party. We’ve got the best DJs in the world. Although be warned that there won’t be clowns, face-painting or party bags. Sort that out yourselves. Shed (live) [50 Weapons] My mum doesn’t much like Shed records. Then again she does own three copies of Joan Armatrading’s eponymous third album, so what the hell does she know. According to my mum, music shouldn’t just consist of ‘six minutes of the sound of a busy level crossing’. But I say that Joan Armatrading’s never laid waste to a pulsating sea of bodies at four in the morning armed with nothing more than a bank of drum machines and oscillators. Joan Armatrading has done little to fuse the sounds of techno and dubstep into a heady bass-filled ether, and she thinks that ‘Berghain’ is just an instruction to start, as issued by a Dutch exam invigilator. That’s why we didn’t book Joan Armatrading. We booked Shed. Because he’s the don. Untold (Nonplus+) Wasn’t dubstep weird? Before those crazy Americans decided that a music scene predicated on Motley Crüe and cracked copies of Ableton was a good idea, for a while it seemed like we really had something going. Then everyone remembered how good house and techno are and stopped pissing about at 70bpm. Still, the 4/4’s never quite been the same since, has it? Those dubsteppers brought a whole new bag of tricks to the party, from fall-apart hi-hats to those kicks that just keep on kicking, and life’s all the sweeter for it. Who do we have to thank? Untold. He did that. You’re fucking welcome. Trevino (Revolve:R) It seems like these days the most interesting house and techno isn’t being made by house and techno producers at all. It’s being made by people who’ve already nailed their scene down and decided they’d like to try something different. Which is why Marcus Intalex, d&b godfather and all-round Amen Break behemoth, has crossed into the realms of the straight and funky to lay waste to all around him. And so is born Trevino, a moniker under which this year’s most exciting records have been released. Tweakonomics killed my brother when he first heard it, and I didn’t care. We played it at his funeral. Was that disrespectful? Yeah, but it’s a barnstormer. This birthday party marks the first of our monthly shindigs at our new home, The Fez Club, and we’ll be breaking in their quite concerningly large new soundsystem with all the panache and swagger of a Parisian sex offender. Ludicrously cheap superearlybirds are on sale now from RA, and then earlybirds and advance can be snaffled from RA and Skiddle. As ever, move sharpish to grab yourself a bargain. We think that this is a fairly natty way to see in our second year in business, launch our autumn run of parties and generally make merry. So come down, yeah? It’ll be better than the Olympics.
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