Futra presents ASC

  • Futra presents ASC *1st Techno Set On West Coast* (Auxiliary, Nonplus) SD/UK Growing up in different areas of England, on a steady diet of Motown, Techno and the blossoming UK Hardcore scene, his productions manage to encompass such a wide range of these influences. Starting out DJ’ing with a bunch of like-minded friends on pirate radio stations while still in school, ASC soon found himself getting interested in how the tracks he was playing were made. This led to an investment in a modest studio setup, which proved to be a defining point in James’ life. An initial batch of tracks were written between 1997-1999, and eventually a 7 track demo appeared, of which 6 were signed to West Midlands based Nu Directions, and the remaining track was signed to LTJ Bukem’s well known Good Looking Records. After a handful of successful releases on these labels and a few others, James started his own label, Covert Operations, which went on to put out a total of 30 vinyl releases & 8 CD’s between 2000 and 2009. After receiving much praise for his intricately detailed and well thought out productions, ASC amassed a serious back catalogue of releases on some of the most forward thinking labels out there, such as 720 Degrees, Offshore, and Paradox’s Outsider label. 2010 has seen the release of Nothing Is Certain, the album James released on Instra:mental’s popular NonPlus+ label, to great critical acclaim. Widespread reviews have cited it as one of the best electronic music long players for the year. Hot on the heels of that, ASC has launched his new imprint, Auxiliary. If this wasn’t enough to keep ASC busy, September 2010 saw the release of a project entitled ‘Music For Pictures’. Liquid Cinema’s head honcho Jeff Rona asked James to create a library of music strictly with the idea of them being used for TV, film and other forms of media in mind. The title was a nod to the classic Brian Eno LP. Music For Film, and what James has come up with, might well be praised with the same regard in many years to come. You could say the future is bright for ASC, but that’s more than an understatement. EEZIR *LIVE* (Futra) LA Originally from Milwaukee, Eric Hanson cut his teeth in the legendary 90′s Midwest electronic music scene. After moving to LA in 1999, Eric has performed for Friendly Integration, SMOG, Droid Behavior, and in 2011 joined Futra under the EEZIR alias. Technology has moved him from the 1200′s to the hands-on creativity that midi controllers, hardware FX, and software allow. The variety of influence that EEZIR draws from gives him the ability to push the realms of bass music. In 2012, EEZIR released his first EP with Futra titled 'Lone Lifter EP'. Modesty (Friendly Integration, AOM) LA One of the emerging bright lights of Los Angeles’ club scene, Dahlia Lachs aka Modesty has begun to earn a reputation far beyond what her moniker suggests. Skillfully blending deep grooves with strong rhythms and a multitude of breaks, stutters, and effects, Modesty delivers sets that reflect her early Latin and disco influences but consistently finds ways to interpret, re-invent or advance these sounds in new directions with often surprising and unexpected results. Since walking away from a career in fashion to pursue her musical interests, Lachs has continued to prove over and over again, her acumen and skill behind the decks performing regularly at underground events in Los Angeles, New York and Denver and earning coveted opening slots for internationally recognized producers such as Alex Under, Miss Fitz, Mikael Stavostrand, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss. She has also played at events by internationally respected promotional outfits such as Droid Behaviour, Resolute NY, and Detroit Underground. In 2012, she performing at the annual Detroit Underground after party during Movement: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival. Modesty continues to hone her craft as a DJ performing as often as possible both at home and with an eye toward gigs abroad, and while admittedly “dabbling in some production”, unlike many other DJ/Producers she continues to explore the possibilities involved in what some might call a lost art, that of mixing records, pure and simple. FACE Art/Visual Installation Kevin Burks aka FACE is a Visualist and native of Los Angeles. After successfully studying Cinema at the University of San Francisco, FACE discovered “Live Cinema” which fused his two creative loves, music and film. Once again living and LA, he quickly joined local VJ community La-Va (Los Angeles Video Artists) to help discover the art, culture, and philosophy of live visual performance in the Wild West of Los Angeles. Currently he is one half of Solestica, an A/V performance duo. Alluxe (Laura Escudé) LA Live Performance Los Angeles based electronic music producer Alluxe (aka Laura Escudé) is at the forefront of how new music is made and performed. From Bon Iver and Cirque du Soleil to Kanye West and Jay-Z, Laura’s vision and expertise see her in great demand as performer, programmer and producer. Alluxe produces über modern tracks that blur the genres of bass music, glitch, hip hop and dubstep. Her lead off track “Shades” is a straight-up mid-tempo growler with hands in both dark, cinematic electronic and progressive hip-hop. Her genre-defying “Future Forward” DJ mix series blends together such disparate artists as The Weeknd and James Blake, Lapalux and Machinedrum, Juicy J and Aarabmuzik. Alluxe doesn’t just DJ—she goes crazy crafting beats, violin loops and thrashing effects using the most hi tech gear—a one-of-a-kind LED OHM RGB controller, Maschine, OP-1 synth and electronic violin that create a stunning and alluring presence. She enlists the crowd to help create her live sound, passing out Wii controllers that trigger stutter effects and sub bass kick drums. Alluxe’s show is full of energy and simply mind blowing.
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