The Bunker: 5th Anniversary feat. Klevervice

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    kleverVice (The Bunker | NYC)
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  • On the 5 Year Anniversary of the Bunker, it seems appropriate that kleverVice is our guest DJ. She played a major part in the first few years of the Bunker, helping Spinoza with everything, including booking, building a real Bunker website, and offering incredible advice, guidance, and moral support. Without her help, the Bunker very likely would have disappeared a long time ago. In early 2006, kleverVice moved to City Island in the Bronx to enjoy real community and a view of the ocean, and pursue other non-music projects. It's been a while since she dropped by the Bunker to tell us great stories and play amazing music, so we're really looking forward to her opening set tonight. Longtime Bunker fans know that these sets are very much worth showing up early for.