Blkmarket Membership presents The Freak Show

  • Please send your rsvp to [email protected] with full names. Location will be announced to people who rsvp'd on the day of the event. All things ugly, scary, and beautiful come out to haunt this one night of the year. Your soul shall be lifted and possessed by what is in store - a freakishly exploding line up coming to you this Saturday [October 27th] for your eyes and ears only. Blkmarket Membership brings you The Freak Show - beats drop hard and the freaks come out. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Barem perfectly personifies the new breed of electronic musicians who have grown up in this digital age. He released the Kleine EP on the free net label ‘Unfoundsound’ in July 2005 with the track Suki grabbing the attention of many prominent DJs, before graduating to ‘Foundsound’ with his first vinyl EP - Campo Madness in May 2006. Meanwhile, his relationship with Minus was already taking root. Richie Hawtin encouraged him to submit some demos after linking up in Buenos Aires, one of which – Opal, appeared on the Min2Max LP which kick-started a period of non-stop touring across the US and Europe, as demand for his live performances grew. 2007 saw the release of his Never Better Than Late EP before 2008’s superb Kolimar EP signaled a distinctive evolution of his sound, adding organic, house-inflected grooves to his repertoire. Listening to both EPs, it’s clear Barem concentrates most energy into creating the powerful bass lines that underpin his work. His expansive use of reverb and delay create space for subtle percussive elements to skip and snake while distant, sometimes eerie melodies occur on random, secondary levels as a result of these interacting elements. He infuses his sets with warm, Latin rhythms while blending his favorite tunes from a cross section of electronic genres past and present. His sets have graced some of the biggest events around – the Detroit Music Festival, Timewarp, Miami, Ibiza, ADE...not to mention 2009’s Contakt special at Brixton Academy and the Minus North American bus tour. We then bring you: Gaiser, Detroit native whose instinctive sound and feel for the intricate mechanics of minimalist sound personifies the perfect balance between rhythmical energy and sonic finesse. His natural energy and rhythm are clearly responsible for the irresistible drum patterns that drive his productions forward but it’s also the subtleties - the delicate melodies and dramatic changes in atmosphere that give his sound such a distinctive edge. It all began in 2009 by mixing and matching his sounds with the rest of the Minus crew on the first leg of the Contakt global tour in Detroit. Now with his latest release 'Static Level / Zebra Talk' he will continue his constant touring across Europe, the US and Japan showcasing his ability to make an immediate connection with the audience, soaking up the vibe and playing according to their reactions. Pantha Du Prince is the solo project of Hendrik Weber, fusing house, techno & shoegazey indie on Lawrence's introvert-techno label ‘Dial Records’. Weber started playing guitar at thirteen, later, moving onto electronic based music, first via a 16-channel studio mixer, combining drones with samples and a computer. These early experiments formed the basis for both his experimental music as Panthel and Glühen 4 as well as his techno as Pantha Du Prince. Weber has released two albums (‘Diamond Daze’ and ‘This Bliss’) and various 12” singles under the moniker, each a bittersweet take, a techno appealing to dancefloors as well as your personal headphones. The house & techno side of the equation takes its cues from Detroit, Moodymann, minimal and acid, while the indie tendencies are rooted in My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and psychedelia. Pantha Du Prince has imprinted his stance whether it be by remixing Depeche Mode’s ‘Lilian’, Phantom/Ghost’s ‘Relax It's Only A Ghost’ or by performing live all over the world. Let us introduce to you the Romanian musical pull: Petre Inspirecu. With leading tracks like "Doing Nothing" which quickly settles into its jacking 4/4 rhythm with ice-crisp drum snaps, guttural bass synths and cosmic wooshes. He is an altogether more phlegmatic affair, submerging his beats into a pool of breathy vocal exhalations, scratchy hi-hats and sonar-like shimmering pads. Let his sound eerily transport and get the best of you. A night to live off your most cardinal instincts, to channel your intrinsic moods and emotions directly into electronic sets which translates these new experiences and sensations into sound. There simply is no other way to be spooked but by freak music. Freak music that kills with a beat.
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