Subsensory 5 Year and 50th Release Party with Jerry Abstract, Piltdown Sound & JAK

  • Join us Friday, September 7th as Portland, Oregon-based label and dj collective SubSensory Recordings celebrates two major milestones, 5 years and 50 releases, with a techno blow-out @ Groove Suite! We're excited to bring you two special guests (also past label contributors) + SubSensory heavy hitters. Expect extended sets, funky vibes and a touch of crazy. We'll also be doing CD and T-shirt giveaways throughout the event. Don't miss it! Featuring: Jerry Abstract - Modern Occccult Musick - ??? JAK - SubSensory Recordings // Closer PDX // 530 Techno - PDX Piltdown Sound - Woods N Bass // Proper Trax // SubSensory - TN LilRoj - SubSensory Recordings // 530Techno ----- JERRY ABSTRACT - MODERN OCCCULT MUSICK Having played from Thailand to Berlin, and with releases on Shitkatapult (Musick), From 0-1, Slant, Dragon's Eye Recordings, Semisexual, Peloton, Dulcette, Memex and Fourthcity, Jerry Abstract has developed a cult following both as a dj and producer. In addition to original material, he's remixed for Detroit Underground, Slant, SubSensory, Mass.mvmnt, InnerFlight, Fourthcity, Pleasure Boat and Click Pop. He's also published DJ mixes on Shitkatapult, Electric Deluxe, Slant, Detroit Underground, Mass.mvmnt, Resident Advisor and self-publishes under Tui Cfex Musiq (music - 10 releases) and Tui Cfex Meex (DJ mixes - 50+ released mixes). We’re looking forward to a long awaited return to STATIC from this talented performer! ----- JAK - SUBSENSORY RECORDINGS // CLOSER PDX //530TECHNO SubSensory founder Jack Coleman aka JAK has been spinning and producing techno and house music in the NW United States since the mid 90s, rocking clubs and events up and down the west coast and beyond, plus building a significant catalog of remixes and releases on quality labels such as 530Techno, Activated Recordings, Hard Drive Records and of course, SubSensory. With the SubSensory label, which celebrates 5 years and 50 releases in 2012, Jack has helped put the Pacific Northwest's growing techno scene on the map, providing an outlet for numerous talented Northwest US artists as well as featuring material by well known acts from around the globe. In 2011, building on the momentum of SubSensory's ongoing club night, STATIC, Jack kicked off his most ambitious project to date, Closer Electronic Music Festival. ----- PILTDOWN SOUND - WOODS N BASS // PROPER TRAX // SUBSENSORY RECORDINGS Piltdown Sound is the techno project of Joel Cox and Alex Falk, both Appalachian natives who cut their teeth DJing amidst the ruins of the first wave of rave in the southern US. Having begun working together in the late 00s, their recent digital and 12″ releases (on labels including Woods N Bass, Proper Trax, SubSensory Recordings, bleepsequence, Herbst Und Musik, Landed Productions and Release Musiq) are being charted and supported by names such as Dustin Zahn, DJ Deep, Cassegrain, Jeroen Search, Norman Nodge, Samuli Kemppi, Markus Suckut, Raíz, Mattias Fridell, Truncate and many more. 2012 sees the pair continuing to focus on a variety of original projects and collaborations while making DJ appearances around the US. Now operating from separate command posts in Tennessee and Oregon. ----- LILROJ - SUBSENSORY // 530TECHNO Southern raised, Northwest-based DJ and producer Roger Veillon, known as LilRoj to some, is at the front of the new generation of techno, crafting his trademark with funky deep and uncompromising sounds. Learning to beatmatch in the early 90's, by the time Roj reached the age of 18, he had already begun making appearances in some of Louisiana's top nightclubs and bars. By 2008, he gained momentum with his debut remix of JAK's "Relax," on SubSensory Recordings, and is now a key producer and remixer for the label. These days, Roger's sounds in the studio and on the decks are considered to be deep and engaging, characterized by funky atmospheres with plenty of low end emissions, and slightly more free-spirited and experimental than most common house and techno.
  • Subsensory 5 Year and 50th Release Party with Jerry Abstract, Piltdown Sound & JAK - Flyer front