Fricoti feat Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

  • Since the turn of the millennium Guillaume Coutu Dumont has established himself as a near Svengaliesque character within the group of musicians associated with the Montreal’s Mutek festival. Though the festival’s influence has spawned countless creative collaborations, none of the other players, save for perhaps the group’s creative spearhead Marc Leclair aka Akufen, have made their own voice heard so clearly amongst the comedic madness said collaborations have so often produced. Whether working alongside Julien Roy as Egg, David Fafard as Luci, Ernesto Ferrerya as Chic Miniature, or under Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts moniker, a distinctive blend of classic house sensibilities and crystal clear digital production techniques have always revealed his unmistakable creative influence. Though classically trained as a percussionist, his productions to date have seemed to draw greater influence from his academic research in electroacoustics then any long forgotten rhythmic tradition. As is often the case, however, some of life’s most profound experiences take years to make there true impact felt. In searching for the inspiration for his debut Album, Face à l’est, Guillaume Coutu Dumont has had the good fortune of having just such an epiphany. In 2001, Coutu Dumont spent several months in Senegal, living with a family of musicians and traveling around the country with a jazz ensemble. It was during this trip that he became “deeply impressed by the relation between music and movement”. It is this exact relationship which clearly leads the way through Face à l’est’s various rhythmic excursions. Whether drawing inspiration from field recordings made of the morning Salaat in Sael Desert, or simply the happy nights spent Dakar, the impossibly hot Harmattan winds of the amongst friends which never seem to end before sun up back home in Montreal, Guillaume Coutu Dumont weaves a rich tapestry of organic percussion and futuristic textures into an inescapably funky rhythmic whole. Face A l'Est, a debut album not to be missed! Ernesto Ferreyra: (Argentina/Canada) Ernesto Ferreyra est originaire de Cordoba en Argentine. Dj depuis l'âge de 15 ans, il fut résident du Club Rioma Mexico city de 2000 a 2002. Montréalais d'adoption depuis 2002, il a produit pour Mutek_Rec, Musique Risquée, Raum Musik (Sous Chic Miniature avec Guillaume Coutu-Dumont avec qui il performe au Festival Mutek 2007). Sa musique est un amalgame de house et techno trituré et influencé par ses origines latines. Born and raised in Argentinas second largest city, Cordoba, Ernesto Ferreyra started djing at the age of 15. his young booth career became a full time professional one when he decided to move to Mexico in 2000, taking up club residencies as Rioma in Mexico D.F. and playing regularly gigs in different cities and beach spots all around. Guided by a restless nomadic spirit, after being part of MUTEK.MX festival production team in 2002, he decided to move to Montreal and release his eager search of fulfillment through music production. His Latin origin soon rooted and merged with the innovative influence of his fellow Canadian artists. Folk rhythms, guitar and harp samples plus pre-colonial instruments got all mixed up with click tech-house vibes and soon converged into a sort of experimental electronic dance music. One half of Chic Miniature, with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont in October 2005 they released the Conexion Califa EP through Frankurts Raum Musik label, Poco a Gogo Ep is already out through Montreal label Musique Risquee and his first solo EP called "Memoria colectiva" Came out last december under Mutek_rec Label, nowadays Ernesto spreads his time playing both as dj and live act and working in his solo productions as well as the follow up to his shared project. Bleuchut: Michel Pontbriand troque son baryton pour les tables tournantes en 2000. Entremetteur de nature, il est derrière les événements du collectif PARC dans lesquels 4 musiciens jouent 4 tables simultanément en mode dansant ou expérimental. Formé en musique classique, ses sets sont des agencements complexes, sentis et riches. Sa musique, comme une bonne bouffe, fait bouger le corps et intrigue la tête. Il habite quelque part de chaud entre le house, le funk, le jazz et le techno. Michel Pontbriand trade is euphonium for turntables in year 2000. He as produced for Complot label and is behind the PARC project where 4 musicians play 4 turntables in either experimental or dance contexts. Versatile, a man of few words, he feels electronic music through his classical music education. Bleuchut?s music, like good food, intrigues the mind but moves the body. He hangs around somewhere between house, jazz, techno and funk.
  • Fricoti feat Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Flyer front
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