Lucid presents Hackman, South London Ordnance & Troy Gunner

  • Deeper and darker we go into the audible realms of the future music spectrum as we bring you a regular one-off event showcasing the cream of the contemporary soundscape in one bite size chunk. We can't thank you enough for your support at our last event and to show you how much we love each and every one of you we've meticulously prised out all the stops for this late summer festival of dance. Time to synchronise watches and charge up your hover board because last one to get to saturn gets left behind. â–º HACKMAN ( â—‹ FACT Mix (July 2011): As the sands shifted this year, a new artist crept into Dusk and my Rinse FM sets, Hackman, that had a great take on at 130bpm tempo. Like the best of funky, it seems to zig zag between polar opposites rather than choosing one extreme to pursue. Hackman’s sound is characterised by warm analog sub bass and asymmetric percussion layered over a 4x4 base. But there’s an abundance of interesting groove and warm bass in the 130ish/funky spectrum: what makes Hackman’s sound stand out from the crowd is a great propensity for saccharine sweet melodies that contrast with the dark sub and scattered drums. These melodies seem to echo MJ Cole’s turn of the millennium 2step productions, with lush touches despite a tuff club exoskeleton. â–º SOUTH LONDON ORDNANCE ( â—‹ XLR8R Mix (May 2012): Despite apparently appearing from nowhere, 23 year old producer and DJ South London Ordnance has quickly gathered support from a wealth of established industry figures including Mary Anne Hobbes, Locked Groove, Mosca, Randomer, Dark Sky, Hackman and more - whilst remaining a firm favorite amongst the underground crowd. His tough, percussive tracks reference the contemporary Swamp 81 / Hemlock sound, but maintain a certain musicality often found lacking amongst the new breed of producers pushing crossover UK Techno. Recent projects include a mixtape for LuckyMe and a guest mix for Mary Anne Hobbes' legendary show on XFM, slots on Rinse FM and down at FWD, as well as gigs across the UK and Europe. The young producers' debut 12" recently surfaced via the 2nd Drop imprint and received extensive support from both taste making underground DJ's and celebrated radio broadcasters including Mary Anne Hobbes, Rob Da Bank, Dark Sky, Addison Groove & more. Forthcoming releases in 2012 include a full, five track EP on Dutch imprint Audio Culture and 12" singles on Teal and Well Rounded. â–º TROY GUNNER ( â—‹ ORGANIC Mix (April 2012): Saying a producer has an ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ sound can put you firmly in oxymoron territory, how can a sound made using digital technology be ‘natural’? Yet in the sense which it is commonly used, Troy’s productions do have a natural feeling to them, he recreates the ambience of environments brilliantly, representing emotions with real clarity and with a hefty whack of sub-bass. (PYC Sessions) â–º RICHARD AKI â—‹ GET SOME Mix (February 2012): â–º LUCID RESIDENTS MOOMIN PAPPA ( POLKA ( GRAND PHANES ( ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
  • Lucid presents Hackman, South London Ordnance & Troy Gunner - Flyer front
    Lucid presents Hackman, South London Ordnance & Troy Gunner - Flyer back