In Wonderland /// Cancelled ///

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    Sushiflow, Brussels Pony Club, Ben Marzys
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  • Due to bad Weather, the event is postponed!!!! Thu - Open Air Cinema / Fri - Concerts / Sat - Concerts, Live, Dj / Sun - Cookout Big Open BBQ This summer Lift Your Head Up and Magic Mirrors are very proud to present you their brand new collaboration. In Wonderland is a place for young and old were you can come and enjoy the wonders of what it means to live a fairy tail. Come discover new bands, listen to your favorite dj or live act and even lay back and watch one of the carefully selected films during our open air cinema. We’ll be inviting lots of national and international talent such as Brussels Pony Club, Pierre, David Hasert, Ada, Hubble, Christian Löffler and many more.. Club Silo and the Brussels based Brüxsel Jardin and Origami events are also joining in with amazing line ups ! Think magic ! Afterwork bbq on the tunes of local and international talent. Think sun ! Laying back in the garden while the Dj plays your favorite records. Think sunset ! As the party ends outside it’s only beginning on the inside. Think wonder ! The carefully selected decoration and scenography will take you deep into the magic of In Wonderland. Come into Wonderland.
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