Now That's What Ithinkmusic Volume 1

  • Ithinkmusic and Coopr8 Launch an Independent Non-Profit Music Store Independent labels from the Coopr8 social network have built the first ever non-profit and artist-managed digital store using the free ithinkmusic web application. LONDON - The online application and the social network collaborate to create the first ever non-profit digital music store integrated into a social network. To celebrate the launch of the store, ithinkmusic and coopr8 will host a party in London on December 20th, with some of the biggest names in the London Broken Beat and Drum and Bass scene, and with a 9pm meet and greet for members of the press. The web application enables users to build and manage online stores selling mp3s. Users can upload their own music files for sale on their own store as well as list releases for sale from the available catalog. Profits from these sales to users vary from 30 to 95% of the retail price, with only 5% of every sale going to to cover operational costs like bandwidth and storage fees. The Coopr8 social network brings together musicians, producers, and music industry people under one forum to discuss and promote music related topics. London-based producers Bopstar, Afronaught and Bugz in the Attic started Coopr8 as an outgrowth of the co-op club, a venue to promote the new emerging artists in the London hip hop, broken beat and drum and bass scenes. The store will be the first ever non-profit store geared for the artists. Ninety-five percent of the sale price of the releases and tracks will go directly to the artists in an effort to promote solidarity and equality among the artists and producers listed on the site. Users will be able to post their own music on the store. To celebrate the event, a contingency of the biggest names on the Coopr8 network will play at the first ever Patterns party December 20th at Corsica Studios. The founders of Coopr8, Bopstar, Bugz in the Attic, will share the billing alongside Mark de Clive Lowe, Phil Asher, Domu, and IG Culture. Krust and Die, Marcus Intalex and Danny Wheeler will represent the Drum and Bass scene. Ithinkmusic will host a 9pm meet and greet for the press showcasing the store-building aspects of the free web application. Users of the application will be on hand to describe the impact it has had on their ability to adapt to an ever shifting digital marketplace.
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