Les Transardentes 2008

  • The Liege festival, which welcomed 43,000 people last July to the Parc Astrid (Astrid Park) and the Halles des Foires (Exhibition Halls) of Coronmeuse, has decided not to wait until summer and so proposes a mid-season musical bridge between the two summer events. Like its big brother, the festival will take place at Liege – Coronmeuse, but inside the Halls des Foires. Three rooms will be completely laid out and decorated for the occasion to welcome the festival-goers. Dedicated in the main, to electronic music, the Transardentes festival will retain its hallmark of quality, which led to the success of the two previous Ardentes editions: namely user-friendliness, party-spirit, an eclectic quality line-up and an affordable cost. We will bring back for this first edition the cream of DJs, and international live acts in the realms of electro, techno, minimal and drum‘n bass, as well as groups under the banner “rock”, who nonetheless know how to get the crowd grooving. The Transardentes, a new shining event and Liege’s first winter festival, will take place on Saturday the 26th of January. Its ambition, like Les Ardentes is to become a regular meeting of minds for Liege festival-folk, Belgians and foreigners.