The Family

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    Baggsmen + Deepchild + introducing Andy Bull (and his all star band feat. members of Baggsmen, Upshot and The Pedestrians) + Lordz of the Fly + Bentley �
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  • This is the best live music in Sydney has to offer.  Baggsmen, lauded for their live shows and their latest offering, Eleven Stages, play their last Sydney show for the Long Strong Diamond national tour before heading into the studio to begin work on a new album. Deepchild brings his soulful electro-dub to the mix in support of his latest single to be added to national radio 'Blackness of the Sea' and in celebration of his upcoming releases in Germany and the US.  Andy Bull...well, taking his cues from soul legends like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield and injecting his own new school style he may just do for soul what Norah Jones has done for jazz. Bentley is the Co-founder of the now infamous drop parties and, as co-host of Electroplastique, is a strong supporter of Australian electronic music. He plays everywhere from Sydneys top bars and clubs to doofs and everything inbetween. Enough reasons to be there?