Warper Party 2nd Anniversary Blowout

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    The Vacationist Presents: Gregory Shiff "The Trapeze Artist & The Tightrope Walker" (Part 1 of 4) front room:08:00 Patrick T-odd, 08:40 Max Xiantu, 09:10 DJ HeavyFlow, 09:50 Kristina Supergenius, 10:20 OutHouse, 10:50 Pushtobreak, 11:20 Aerostatic, 11:50 DJ Shakey, 12:30 Michael Kuszynski, 01:00 Atom back room: 08:30 Plume, 09:00 Sam Pluta, 09:30 Elijah B Torn 10:15 Moldover, 11:00 Featured Perfomer: Gregory Shiff - The Vacationist, 12:00 Thomas Hildebrand, 12:30 Lance Blisters, 01:00 BangInclude visuals: 09:00 Sam Pluta (Audio+Visual), 09:30 Elijah B Torn (Audio+Light Show), 10:15 Daniel Hai, 11:00 SuperDraw, 12:30 Lance Blisters, (Audio+Visual), 01:00 Sandrine & Installation: The Dream Machine by Sandrine "Industrial Dress" by B & B Designs (Bechtol & Boyd)
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  • Two Rooms of Omnidigital DJs, Biomorphic Musicians, and Multimedian Madness Over 20 musical acts, a record release party, clothing designers, art installations, and visuals...all in one night in the HUGE Supreme Trading space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Dress your ubertekkafreakelastic best! There will be a television crew documenting this event for the very cool tv show "Tracks" on the German ARTE network.