Blackest Ever Black

  • ** ADDENDUM ** We can now reveal that the secret guest for the Blackest Ever Black showcase is Karl O'Connor. Russell Haswell and O'Connor (aka Regis) will be presenting the live debut of their new collaborative project, Concrete Fence. We don't know precisely what to expect, but the "preparatory" mix that Haswell recently put together (featuring LFO, Test Dept, Boyd Rice, Blake Baxter, Derrick May, Carcass) suggests something at the intersection of techno, industrial and noise. All we can say for sure is that it will be loud, and it will be punishing. MIX : ** As the October 13th Blackest Ever Black showcase fast approaches, we can now announce that RAIME will be DJing on the night. * The duo, whose debut album, *Quarter Turns Over A Living Line*, is due to be released by Blackest Ever Black in November, will play a sold out live show earlier in the evening as part of the Ether festival at the Southbank Centre. They will then join the BEB party at Corsica Studios, where they'll be DJing in the main room at regular intervals over the course of the evening. Other new DJ additions to the line-up are *Jack Rollo*, of Dalston's finest vinyl emporium Kristina Records;* Conor Thomas*, the man behind Manchester's esteemed Faktion nights and co-founder of the Death Of Rave label, home to releases by the likes of Mark Leckey and Powell; and *A.D. Jacques*, formerly of These Records (This Heat, Hecker, Hafler Trio) and collaborator with BEB on the recent reissue of Gareth Williams & Mary Currie's *Flaming Tunes*. * These join the previously announced live acts and DJs: * * VATICAN SHADOW (UK LIVE DEBUT)* Dominick Fernow (Prurient, Cold Cave) plays live in his widely lauded Vatican Shadow incarnation; this is Vatican's UK debut, and an exclusive. Militant religious industrial. * SOURCE DIRECT (DJ) * Jim Baker of jungle legends Source Direct returns after a long absence to DJ for BEB, with a set he promises will draw heavily on his own impossibly moody, complex and visceral productions from the 1990s. *CUT HANDS (LIVE)* William Baker, best known as founder and sole constant member of Whitehouse, follows his recent 'Black Mamba' single on Blackest Ever Black with a live performance as Cut Hands. It coincides with the release of his new album of self-styled afro noise, also titled *Black Mamba*. *CONCRETE FENCE: RUSSELL HASWELL & ****** (LIVE DEBUT)* Russell Haswell and a mystery collaborator who can't currently be named for contractual reasons (suffice to say he's very much a member of the BEB family - come on, it's really not that hard to guess) present the live debut of their new collaborative project. *BLACK RAIN (LIVE)* Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard, Dominatrix, Death Comet Crew) will be playing live as Black Rain, focussing on the astonishing cyberpunk techno material that was originally commissioned as the score for Robert Longo's ill-fated *Johnny Mnemonic* movie and recently compiled by Blackest Ever Black as *Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95*. *SLIMZEE* Slimzee made his name in the early days of Rinse FM and as DJ for Pay As U Go; his fast, furious sets with Dizzee, Wiley and the rest MCing are nothing short of legendary, and he played a huge role in shaping the kinetic, well-oiled sound of early grime. He'll be drawing on his peerless collection of scuffed dubplates and oneaway VIPs from the early 2000s for his set on October 13th. *BRUCE GILBERT AS DJ BEEKEEPER (DJ)* Bruce Gilbert, formerly of Wire and DOME, a giant among men, dusts down his DJ Beekeeper alter ego for the BEB night - "an excuse to manipulate other people's records". * YOUNG HUNTING (LIVE) * Edinburgh duo Young Hunting are about to become something else entirely; so be sure to catch what might well be their "last ever" gig, drawing on their past and future material for Blackest Ever Black. *POWELL (DJ) * Powell's has already earned a formidable reputation off the back of two self-released 12"s of righteously f**ked up, no wave-accented techno minimalism. *BILL KOULIGAS (DJ)* As head of the spotless, Berlin-based PAN label, Bill Kouligas has helped open up new lines of communication between the noise, sound art and dance music spheres.
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