LCR Records Anniversary Berlin

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    Main Floor: Liss C. 00:00 - 00:45 Joix - Live 00:45 - 02:15 Viktoria Rebeka 02:15 - 04:15 Pascal Roeder - Live 04:15 - 05:45 Liss C. 05:45 - End Bar Floor: Gustavo Cárdenas 00:00 - 00:40 Marc Schütt 00:40 - 02:40 Alex Tomb 02:40 - 04:40 Acid Soda 04:40 - 06:40 Gustavo Cárdenas 06:40 - End
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  • LCR born of the idea about different things, about different meanings, about different feelings, then LCR comes to gives you a spin in your mind. LCR is a part of LGM group, been LCR the little brother of LGM LABEL. LCR runs with the idea to show techno, to show electronic music, to show the most personal things of our producers. LCR comes with energy, powerful and full inspiration about Detroit, Chicago and Berlin; if you do a mix of these three cities you can find the essence of LCR, techno for techno lovers. Working with the concept of looking forward and getting the best of the past we can find our soul. Innovate the past. It’s important for us, know from were we come, and were we‘ll want to go. Working with a important distribution company and important promotion company that give to the producers the best way to reach the top. Enjoy with us first LCR Anniversary LGM group team
  • LCR Records Anniversary Berlin - Flyer front