Fly Bermuda Festival

  • We celebrate the annual final of the Berlin Music Days (31.10.-03.11.2012) - a peaceful and stylish night of electronic music... 3rd of November 2012 ✈ FLY BerMuDa Festival at Berlin's historic former airport Tempelhof ✈ Berlin's finest festival for electronic music. It's not without reason that a lot of attention regarding club culture and music is focused on Berlin. The scene has developed in such a creative and diverse way like no other city. The culture has grown around the music that seeks its own and that is why the FLY-Festival is such a big affair of the heart for us. Electronic without compromise: We will take you on a journey to the world of all varieties of "techno". That's what Berlin and the FLY BerMuDa Festival stands for. We want to show you this diversity in a compressed form. So grab your things, check in and enjoy the first class sound of our flight crew! INFO: Video Teaser (Youtube): Berlin Music Days Trailer (YouTube):
  • Fly Bermuda Festival - Flyer front