Electric Motel

  • Ohm Records (Dubai) partners up with Torque for another Electric Motel event at the Mishal Hotel venues, Level and Club Seven, on Friday, December 7th. Headlining the event will be Ibiza native Sebastian Gamboa (Ibiza/Spain) and Tribal Nova (Ohm Records/Dubai), supported by Bahrain-based deejays, Salimé (Club Seven) and Salah (Torque). Featuring in Lobby, where the air will be filled with the sounds of Deep Vocal House, local resident at Club Seven, Salimé will be supporting one of Ibiza’s favourite sons, Sebastian Gamboa. Brought up in the magic island of Ibiza, and influenced by the music cult, Sebastian Gamboa started developing his professional music career in 1990. He defines his style as LATIN HOUSE, which he transmits in his dj sets and productions, where he also likes to introduce real instruments such as: Bass, Wind, percussion and live voices, as in his production “GATINHA COSTOSA”. Sebastian Gamboa made his debut as a producer in 1998 with his hit single “HOUSE SEASONS E.P.” for Weekend Records. The success in his career has led him to his summer residency in the world reknown club PRIVILEGE (Ibiza), and also got him booked by numerous national and international clubs with the Mona Rennalls Agency. In 1998 Sebastian Gamboa got nominated for the Ibiza DJ Awards as the best national DJ, which he actually won in 2001. Supporting him will be DJ Salimé, a shy and smiley character in the local scene, but one whose compilation and style of music speaks a thousand words. Having a life long passion for music and djing since the age of 19, Salimé kicked off his career at what was then known as SAVAGE GARDEN as a warm up DJ. He continued on at BJ’s, warming up for the Fashion TV party in 2005 with DJ Sassy, and in 2006 with the ever famous Danny Marquez. Salimé continues to feature at beach parties, pool parties and yet never failed to move a crowd with his ever changing style in music. Covering the DJ booth in Level will be Tribal Nova (Ohm Records/Dubai) and Torque Bahrain’s Salah, working up the crowd in Level for the night, treating everyone to a diverse variety of music, from afro-beats to latin-beat to nu-disco. An experience of any of Salah’s magical sets exposes the crowd to a style of music that spans minimal-deep-house-groovy- techno-electro – a truly diverse style that never fails to infect the crowd with a dirty groove. Salah stands out as a serious performer, and can get a room full of people going for hours. Electric Motel is being held on December 7th, at Level and Club Seven, in the Mishal Hotel in Manama. Doors open at 10pm. Tickets will be BD7 for men, and BD5 for ladies. For more information about the event, call 36 766 627, or email [email protected] Additional information about the event is available on www.torque.to. www.electricmotel.com is online for registrations.
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