RA Horizons: Shanghai

  • RA is ready to unveil its next series of worldwide events: RA Horizons. Last year's RA X tour aimed for the most essential venues in many of the world's biggest electronic music hubs. RA Horizons has a different objective. This time we're focusing on dedicated scenes that exist outside the established global club circuit. Places with small but devout crowds, savvy promoters and great clubs, but where you can't just stumble out of front door and see one of your favorite DJs every weekend. The goal is to bring artists to cities they've never been to before, and in the process highlight exceptional clubs and promoters who are doing big things on a local level. After all, these are the people that are really fighting the odds and forging new territory. The tour begins next month in Asia. We've booked Levon Vincent for two dates in China—at Shelter in Shanghai and Haze in Beijing—then one more at Club Mago in Nagoya, Japan.
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