• Venue
    Cafe 1001
    • The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane; Shoreditch; London E1 6SE; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Fri, 6 Jul 2012midnight - 6am
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 116
  • Thank you for everyone who came to our last event, HOLIC Lite. We are more than sure that the night have made HOLIC family more closer and brought a lot of happiness. We are planning more of small parties in this summer, hopefully outdoor location with sunshine. And now we proudly announce our next event, this is not a small one. HOLIC is returning to our home ground, Cafe 1001 on Friday 6th June. For our headline act of the night, we welcome excellent Scottish x Germany duo Pattern Select. As individually successful producers in their own right as Milton Jackson and Mathias Schober aka Show-B, their deep sound is unrivalled. Ever since they have started working together and have been creating remarkable sounds, we've been dying to book with our night at HOLIC.  For our second guest of the evening, we welcome Toi Toi musik's Voigtmann to play a 2hours set for us at his Holic debut. Claus Voigtmann has been making his mark on the house/tech music scene over the recent months as Toi.Toi’s resident DJ, paving the way at every event for their choice of guest artists. Of course, all guests will be joined by our residents Tomoki Tamura, and eightBitRate. Also our live visual crew welcome a guest Vj AVJ from Anomalous Visuals alongside resident vjs Kohey&Kaz. If you are still not enough with all this, we have one more special guest for the night. Ibiza based Japanese, DJ RAHA will bring marvelous spice on us. In front room, HOLIC resident Lookleft & Bearight will take over with their crew, selective pressure+. They will be presenting a series of events in London with Lookleft & Bearight. Will be showcasing some of the most flavor some House, Disco and beyond. Tickets are already selling fast for what we believe is gonna be our best party in this summer. You know what to do, get those early release tickets before they sell out! -------------------------- HOLIC TRAX 002 Tuccillo / House 19 E.P. Release: 23rd July 2012 Format: 10” colour vinyl http://soundcloud.com/holic-1/ht-002-tuccillo-house-19-ep
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