Beats Robotiq: New York-Berlin

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  • OUTPT+PARIS are a nyc based a/v duo using analog and digital electronics. They will be performing Drum and Space - a song cycle in 7 parts - that tells the story of the journey through space of an audacious traveller and her loyal robot friend. The music is a combination of pre-recorded and live analog sounds with coordinated visuals created using a combination of programming and analog techniques. NOTSTANDSKOMITEE began as Electro-Industrial side project to Das Kombinat in 1991, developing an unique style of electronic minimal music working with all kinds of synthetic sound sources, from analogue via digital to softwarebased systems. Malte Steiner works as media artist, sound designer and software developer in Berlin, and performs Notstandskomitee concerts on a Linux laptop with an software created in Csound for audio and Pure Data / Gem for beat-synchronized visualization with realtime 3D graphics.