Satta Outside 2012

  • The infamous alternative music and arts festival Satta Outside will be occupying the Baltic coast in 2012, August 10-12th. Mark your calendar for a weekend in this specially created alternative seaside resort, where for the 6th year in a row the Satta crew will be bringing thousands of people together on the beach, in the fields, and on many stages across the site. The music direction will be heading beats- and bass-side, involving oldschool and new school, decent legends and the upcomers you don’t yet know but will love after the festival. The unique site of Satta Outside is surrounded by the river and divided into two main areas – the camping site and the main festival field with stages. The symbol of the festival, located in the main field, is a huge and long-abandoned amphitheatre built a few decades ago under the Soviet aesthetic and construction standards. The lovely white and sandy Baltic beach of Šventoji, the resort that hosts Satta Outside, is 500 m away from the main festival site and camping area. The tropical beach stage and sports activities are arranged there. Šventoji, the little sister of the flamboyant Lithuanian resort of Palanga, is a neat and small Baltic sea town about 330 km away from Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Its kiosks, restaurants, cafes, shops and general public should be treated as a kitchy bonus to the alternative resort home of Satta Outside. The food is great and the rooms for rent are generally cheap and comfortable, just the way you would expect going to a resort.
  • Satta Outside 2012 - Flyer front