Rotate NYC-friends

  • Rotate NYC invites you to hang with Resident DJs Old and New as we close the fall and get ready for a synaesthetic winter. DJs are DJ Los, Switch and Reda Briki. Tonight we celebrate friends, family and the closing of our first multi-media exhibit that has featured the collaborative work of artists Mariette Papic [Rotate], Andy Lin, Nathan Reimer and Shane Condino of the Coup de Foudre Foto Collective. Additional artists featured tonight include: Gertrude Berg, Everett Bogue, Talena Sanders and Marlon Krieger. The first in a series of slide show pieces is screening again tonight. Come view the light boxes featuring the work of New York street artist, and friend, Beta. Rotate is proud to support this artist, whose work has appeared in not enough places. Other supporters include Overspray Magazine-who included her work in their limited edition street artist playing card set. See the international projection piece "Urban Spaces" from the new media gallery, This piece, featuring work from artists from Rio + Berlin is screening tonight for the last time before it returns to Germany-the first screening will be at 10:30 and it will run intermittently throughout the evening. Other features of the night include the contributions of Bombin' Magazine, The Foundry Theatre and guests. It's the day after Thanksgiving, bring your friends and hear some great Minimal and Tech House. If you're an artist or if you want to feel like one, come, enjoy and yes, you can dance if you want to-it's New York like it used to be. For reduced pricing please email [email protected] or simply say "Friends and Family" when you come to the door.