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    Jay Tripwire (Bass Culture, Poker Flat, Save You) Clement Meyer (Items & Things, Save You) Mark Ashken (Leftroom, Save You) DeadEcho (My favorite Robot, Save You, Cartuli's Day) Unai Trotti (Cartuli's Day, Jaded, Release Sustain)
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  • Thank you thank you thank you! The Cartuli's Day 3rd Anniversary was a truly exceptional party. You were the perfect crowd as always. Cartuli's loves you!! Next up we have something very special for you. Save You Records has fast become one of the London labels to keep an close eye on. With their next vinyl about to drop with music from Jay Tripwire, MarcAshken, Kris Wadsworth, Ste Roberts and Youandewan you can see why. This showcase has a line-up of their most respected artists and includes a genuine house hero - Jay Tripwire. Alongside one of most exciting modern artists in the scene - Clement Meyer and one of the London's underground dark lord's MarcAshken. JAY TRIPWIRE (Pokerflat, Bass Culture, Save You) Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire‘s signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades. A dedicated dj, distinguishing himself with his personal arsenal of re-edits and comfort in arranging extended DJ sets, the west coast pioneer remains also one of the most prolific producer around, with numerous releases, remixes and compilations including the recent ‘Shaping Elements‘ mix CD he did for Steve Bug‘s Poker Flat and is currently gaining momentum with acclaimed releases on Akbal, his own imprint Tonality and his stunning recent EP for D’julz Bass Culture Records. With two releases on Save You and third on the way Jay is not stopping soon. Cartuli's is proud to have such a influential and respected artist join us to play what is sure to be a very special set! CLEMENT MEYER (Items and Things, Get the Curse, Save You) Clement is a rare breed - one that is young and yet has not much to prove any more. Armed with a distinctive vision of the dancefloor that goes against the grain of tired electronic dance music trends, the DJ, producer and Get The Curse Music bossman has shaped a dark and timeless sound which has certainly not gone unnoticed by top industry players, the press and last but not least, clubbers around the globe. Brilliantly spear-heading the French scene's renewal, there’s no wonder he was named "Best emerging talent of the French electronic scene” by magazine A NOUS PARIS". With releases for Magda's Items & Things, Jennifer Cardini’s new label Correspondant and remix projects for The Rapture’s Throne of Blood imprint, it’s only the beginning of Clement’s journey. MARCASHKEN (Leftroom, Spilt Milk, Save You) The dark lord of Save You MarcAshken is one of London's true underground artists that has held on to his reputation as a first class producer of unique grooves. Marc has a global reputation for quirky unique house music on labels such including Leftroom, Safari Electronique and Save You. His sets at the brilliant Spilt Milk parties where he holds residency continue to prove he can not only produce but also get the party started in a way few DJs can. In support: DEADECHO (My Favorite Robot, Cartuli's, Save You) UNAI TROTTI (Jaded, Cartuli's Day, Save You) CARTULI'S [email protected] LANE 7-9 Crucifix Lane SE13JW LONDON Doors open at 23:00 on Saturday 15th November and close very late. TICKETS Resident Advisor Early Bird RA £8 Second Release RA £10 Concession/Advance Tickets £12 Entrance £15 on Door Nearest tube London Bridge Bus: London Bridge Station Concessions: [email protected] See you on the dance-floor! Cartuli's Day
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