Lost Baggage feat. Le K (sonar, France)

  • Lost Baggage III – Rudoph’s Revenge The Recklessly Tuned Xmas Party The self inflicted Spring Clean has been done and very seriously dusted….for those of you who were not there……GET UR FKN HEAD CHECKED!!!! In the-proverbial-mix we had maids, masters, mops and machines alongside the most bangin cutting edge underground tech-house-disco infused sonic goodness pumpin out all nite ! Fuck Yes! (ahhh did we mention the serious hotness floating round too…..MEIN GOTT!!!!!) Anyway we don’t often blow our own trumpet, but you know sometimes certain things just need to be said…… Like………….. pure unadulterated dancefloor mayhem…… Like…………..an Intensely Satisfying Clubbing Experience Like…………the most block rockinest party this side of the Equator Do you get the picture? Please don’t be stupid and even contemplate missing the next one. Watch out for flying chickens and wounded reindeer!!!! It’s officially Silly Season so this party will be the culmination of every possible stupidness and silly stunt that we can muster up. Come and join us in our pursuits of chronic spastication and celebration of the Birth Death and Resurrection of the Holy Sounds of TECHNO and HOUSE and MINIMAL and all its glorious bastardised genres as such!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE n ALL THINGS SHINY and especially WHITE The Reckless Tuned Fine Republicans or something………bla bla bla
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