London Calling Tokyo 5 Year Anniversary Feat. Alexander Robotnick

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    RED ROOM Alexander Robotnick (hot elepahnt) DJ Nori (Gallery) Miles Maeda (Zen Daze) Daia Taguchi (Real Grooves) Bryan Butcher DJ Munoz (London Calling) VJ: David Roy (London Calling) BLACK ROOM DJ AKi (06S) Mark Birtles (Tokyo Indie) Beat Respect Horse Is Not Mobile Set (Horse Is Not) DJ RS Ben Berry WHITE ROOM fleep... (DoggLounge) BBC (4 the love) Bob Rogue (Real Grooves) Rideru (Cafe Kitsch) Da Iron Gullet (Tokyo Culture Club) Dance by THE DISCO DOLLIES
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  • 5 YEARS what a SURPRISE! LONDON CALLING is FIVE years old on June 16th, 2012! A major milestone has been reached that gives cause for celebratory fanfare! Yes, we are all ecstatic that we've reached 5 years of continually showcasing London’s underground club scene which has consistently pioneered new sounds, urban movements and social scenes as well as adhering to the punk ethos of DIY that was so passionately expressed by the Clash. A heartfelt welcome to YOU for helping us reach this point! We are extremely grateful that you have continued to ride with us throughout the past 5 years on a musical journey that continues to push the boundaries beyond commercial excesses, corporate sponsorships and the pressure of succumbing to the numbers game. It has been a tough road to hoe, but because of your support we have come further then most have expected and beyond our wildest dreams! It is that very spirit that can be found at London Calling where the crowd, music, DJs and venue all combine to create something very special. That special thing is a place for good people to come together in the pursuit of good times. London Calling is a night that will let you set aside your worries, live for the moment and dance like you don’t have a choice. This year we return to Trump Room for our 5 Year Anniversary! Back, after nearly a year and half of playing some of the biggest venues in Tokyo to return to our roots for our 5 Year Anniversary! We will be taking over all three rooms of Trump Room with some of the hottest local DJs in the Underground Scene. Plus some legendary acts to grace our decks will add to the thrill and excitement of an anniversary extravaganza! The Red Room will feature TWO heavy hitting headliners bringing you an onslaught of the dirtiest sounds of Disco spanning a collective volume of over 40 years of tested and tried dance floor killers! First, we are proud to introduce as our headliner... ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK (Hot Elephant Music) performing a Live DJ/Act in nearly 7 years since he last appeared in the Land of The Rising Sun! The God Father of Italo Disco and Electro will bring his signature sound to Tokyo. Alongside Alexander we have Japan's God Faher of House Music - DJ NORI! Yes, back for a three-peat performance to get the dance floor in a frenzy, Nori will definitely have the floor hot and sweaty for Mr. Robotnick to take control! In the Black Room we have some very very Heavy Bass coming at ya'! Headlining is the one and only DJ AKI! We are thrilled to have the hardest working Drum'n Bass DJ in Asia back for another round of blistering beats designed to loosen the fillings from you teeth! After last year's performance from our 4 year anniversary, we recommend that you see your dentist after this event! So, come and join us for our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with three rooms of amazing DJs! Disco in the Red Room, Heavy Bass in the Black Room and LOUNGE in the White Room! We got FIVE YEARS!
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