Benna (harry Klein, Num Rec)

  • Venue
    Viper Club
    • Via Pistoiese - Via Lombardia, 50145 Firenze (FI), Italy
  • Date
    Sat, 1 Dec 20071.00 am/3.00 am
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    Benna (Harry Klein, Num Rec)
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  • Since the new Millennium, BENNA is essential part of the Electronic music scene in Munich. On from his childhood music has been indispensable for him: Pre-puberty rebellion learned him playing guitar – Post-puberty rebellion made him exchange this instrument into 2 turntables and a mixer. When he attained full age he already spent an amount others pay out on new cars on his record collection. In 2001 he began playing regular at the legendary, Munich based Club Ultraschall and after it`s closing he became Resident DJ at the succeeding Club - Harry Klein. He stopped his jab as an educator in 2003 and began working for the artist agency of Gigolo Records. About one year later he escaped hell, established his own agency to finally merger with Harry Klein Club in 2007, to share their powers on a new booking agency: Harry Klein Booking. The agency is representing lot of new fresh artists as well as some well known acts and the residents form the club. Rejecting musically bigotry, he never wanna stand still in one genre when he is playing. His sets are always moving - spiced with deep and tribal house tunes, well seasoned with minimal sounds, gushing into floor moving techno.
  • Benna (harry Klein, Num Rec) - Flyer front