Jerry Abstract, Nora Posch, Ava, Centrikal

  • 21+ Performers: Jerry Abstract - Modern Occcult Musick Nora Posch - Turbo Lazer Kitten, Peloton Musique Ava - Kulturszene Centrikal - Turbo Lazer Kitten, Nude Photo Music, SubSensory Jerry Abstract's Bio: ////////////////////////// Jerry Abstract completely encompasses electronic music in his lifestyle as a DJ, Producer, Remixer, Designer, Promoter and Friend to the community. From 2004 - 2010 he was the Creative Director for Seattle's Decibel Festival. He also consults promoters around America, judges laptop battles, hosts his own events and was tagged as a "Next 100" artist by URB Magazine in 2007 and 2008 for his production talents. He creates tracks and remixes for the labels Shitkatapult Musick, Semisexual, From 0-1, Slant Records, Sub Sensory, Daly City, Mass.Mvmnt, Innerflight Music, Memex, Fourthcity, Peloton, Dragon's Eye Recordings, and Dulcette. Jerry Abstract has published customized DJ mixes for Electric Deluxe, Resident Advisor, Shitkatapult, Detroit Underground, Slant Records, and From 0-1. In addition to his monthly contribution to Beatport's top ten charts, Jerry has been featured many times over on a multitude of worldwide broadcasts. His production aliases include Ian Ginsing for his experimental tech-house adventures, and Former Selv for his more ambient and non-dance floor oriented compositions, while saving the Jerry Abstract moniker for all of his other creations. In final, Jerry Abstract is one half of the fringe electronica collab known as Avee Libretto, which is published by the Schematic label. Mr. Abstract's influences come from a variety of places, starting with his countercultural growth in Detroit during the earlier waves of techno while attending secret inner city underground parties in the early 1990's. In 2004 he spent the summer living in Berlin, but currently resides in Portland taking inspiration from the scenic Pacific Northwest. As a true asset, Jerry has kick-started both the second and third waves of the Cascadian electronic music movement. On top of all of his multi-disciplinary functions, J.Abstract maintains a healthy international DJ schedule with multiple appearances at Detroit's Movement (DEMF), Tresor (Berlin), Tonic (NYC), Miami's WMC, Bumbershoot (SEA), Closer (PDX), and of course a rare live set during the best years of the Decibel Festival (SEA). With the scene itself now home to a bevy of talented electronic music producers, Jerry Abstract has raised his game to become one of the culture's most sought after DJ / producer / remixer's while bringing a positive attitude and skills to match other international talent. Nora Posch's Bio: ////////////////////////// Peloton A&R Front Man, Curator, DJ, Producer, and self-proclaimed dance maniac, Aron Schoppert first became involved in northwest electronic music in the early to mid 90s, largely in part to his early connections with collectives up and down the west coast through internet hub Hyperreal. In 1998 he picked up his first set of turntables and spent most of his tech salary on experimental techno and idm, and specialized in everything from avant and neo-classical forms of minimilism to the universal jacking forms of techno and house in the years to follow. He is excited to be working on the next wave of interactive art and environments, merging unique characteristics of both analog and digital worlds.Expect to see elements of this woven into the fabric of future event spaces. Peloton is actively collaborating on music production, and multimedia projects
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