Time to get...Resolute presents: Tale of Us

  • Time To Get… ReSolute presents: Tale of ... Yacht Party on the "Princess" Sunday May 20th Thats right folks, we have private charted a 500 person yacht for you Life and Death pleasure. The event weather permitting will be on the top deck of the "Princess" yacht. There will be 2 full bars on the upper deck with plenty of room for your dancing and sight seeing all evening long. There will also be 2 separate floors of bathrooms and bars. Decks 1 and 2 all have a bar and a set of bathrooms each, double what they have on the Queen of Hearts. We will be posting pictures soon, the boat is absolutely amazing. Its built for luxury, so we will be cruising in style! Make sure to wear your best "Princess" outfit. Tiaras, Tutu's and Pink are always encouraged:) Tentative Time - Make sure to check back for final info as it may change!!! 4pm Board 5pm Sail 5 Hour Cruise!!! Also, there will not be any food served on board, so plan accordingly!!! The Princess sails from 41st st and the West Side Highway, World Yacht Tours, Pier 81.
  • Time to get...Resolute presents: Tale of Us - Flyer front
    Time to get...Resolute presents: Tale of Us - Flyer back