Door! presents Perc Trax Showcase

  • Building up the energy- what should it be? Dancing - will YOU dance? Music - yeah, what about that? DEEP, PUMPIN, MINIMAL TECHNO sound - OHHH YEAH !!!! Friends, fun and craziness…let's bring it on, make it, dance like it’s your last and stay up too late because this time you’ll definitely go wild. We've awarded even more time to even more artists this time, and we're thrilled at the creativity of these new event. It'll be 15 / 6 / 2012 folks! In honor of this auspicious date, we invited PERC TRAX label with some fine names on it. This will be massive and you don’t want to miss it. HELL YEAH!!! And so…we’ll be hosting two spicy rooms dumped with Function ONE! The big news: both areas will be officially open till 6:00 a.m. but if we’ll be polite they’ll let you stay up longer. So, it’s all up to us…yes, US! OK! Early TICKETS goes on sale on APRIL 18th at 18 p.m. For our Earliest birds we have a special price of €15,00. WHAT TO DO: mark 18th APRIL in your agenda! Go to our website and buy your ticket. Our last editions were SOLD OUT so be FAST! (when early sale closed your ticket will go up to €20 excl. admin fee).
  • Door! presents Perc Trax Showcase - Flyer front