Earthcore Global Carnival 2007

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    Kosmas, Epsilon, Lish, Luke Vibert, Tipper, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Digital Primate, Nicki S, Space Tribe, ESP, DJ Dusk, Thad Lester, Coomzy, Suntribe, Xavier Morel, Rif Raf, Colonel Mustard, Mr Lob, Radiator, Emerson, Al Diddy, Nabisco, Stu, Bobby Raver, D.a.v.e The Drummer, Sourcepan, Throbgoblin, Midimiliz, Sesto Sento, Spiz, Atonix, Steve Stratton, Timothy Allan, MishïChief, U-One, Hans, Dirty, Oblique Industries, Numanoid, Base Electro(n), Electric Universe, Visual Paradox, Brisker & Magitman, X-noize, Extrawelt, Ehsan Gelsi, Dave Jales, Denham Jay, Chwen, Evan Sparks, The Avatar, NOODLES, Jen Tutty, Perfect Stranger, Marcotix, The Blank Theory, Murat, Blinky, Ben Evans, Tim Boyd, Shards, Muska, nicnac, Nick Sentience, Orpheus, Luke Mcd, Miso, Effin See, Lowkey & Nude Bog, John '00' Fleming, S.U.N. Project, Fulcrum/GMJ, Hugo Peterson, James Brooke, Minianimal, Monsoon, Moon, Rubal, Sammon, DJ Steve, May, Wavemotion
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  • DANCE AID PRESENTS THE 14TH ANNUAL EARTHCORE GLOBAL CARNIVAL ï 3 DAYS OF FUN/SUN/LOVE IN THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN OUTBACKC The outdoor festival that started an entire subculture way back in the early 90ys 0 commonly referred to as the bush doof½ u commences with a new direction for 2007. With over 30 previous Earthcore Festivals, the subsequent evolution and punter feedback to draw from, this year sees a few changes in line. Weire combining a return to our grass-roots with new concepts and expanding into varied musical genres and mind bending affiliations with a multitude of artists, performers & hangers on r all whilst keeping the community spirit and fun strong! Earthcore 2007 will be remembered as the one that delivered the goods and brought you back with blissed out memories of an experience at the cutting edge of entertainmente 3 days of camping and hanging with your mates, featuring an army of local, interstate and international performers providing mind blowing music, art, workshops and down to earth decadence DESTROY YOUR CLUBWEAR!
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