Reform #003: Modal Analysis Label Launch Party

  • THe REFORM team is proud to announce the launch party of the new MODAL ANALYSIS Record label. The party of the Athenian label will take place in 6 Dogs on the 5th of May with a Techno marathon celebration. The line up consists of the debut of the French producer Kangding Ray, member of the legendary record label Raster-Noton, as well as the uprising duet of Cassegrain, who both are the artists of the first MODAL ANALYSIS release. Also, Marcelus, the Parisian techno star will make his greek debut as a guest of Modal Analaysis, while the multitalented greek producer Sawf, will close this epic night. The warm up will be made from 2 of the co-owners of the label, Slydex and Alx P. Also as part of the night and time 11pm. will be screened the world premiere of the documentary by Amelie Ravalec called " Paris / Berlin : 20 Years of Underground Techno " at the project space of six d.o.g.s. Official Trailer:
  • Reform #003: Modal Analysis Label Launch Party - Flyer front