• After a crazy bank holiday weekend Strutt and Dolans are gearing up for Dj Bones first ever visit to Limerick and the dock road venue. Bone will be playing on 3 decks for 3 hours with support on the night from Strutt residents Cian Frawley and Bad Boy Blast. November 24 th is the date , doors @9pm. Tickets are only 15 Euros and can be bought from Dolans warehouse and ticketmaster as well as pay on the door on the night. No dresscode, cool bouncers, wicked soundsystem.....what more could you ask for?? Reduced: 94% of original size [ 541 x 799 ] - Click to view full image DJ BONE (SUBJECT DETROIT) To some he is the champion of the underground; Others see him for the first time and ask the person dancing like crazy next to them, "Where did THIS guy come from?" Think of Detroit Techno and DJ Bone might not be high on your list of luminaries because he is 100% independent and does things on his terms and on his terms only. He won't tap dance or bend to fit the "popular" DJ mould. Those who recognize Bone know him for his uncompromising and innovative ways. It's no accident that two letters always precede Bone's name whenever he's on the bill. First and foremost, Bone is a DJ - in the truest sense. When he spins, it's as if the turntables and the mixer become a physical extension of his body. He employs every possible technique in the disc jockey arsenal masterfully: blending, scratching, backspinning, no monitors or headphones; unrivaled in his use of the fader switch, and he incorporates them all into every set. From his standing room only residency performances to after-hours spots, he rocks every show as if it's his last. What the general public and far too many DJs don't realize is that Bone spins as much for his own enjoyment as he does for the audience. It's a compulsion that only those who live for what they do possess and those who don't can never understand: Bone lives to spin; it's a necessary part of his existence. His dedication to the art of dance mu
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