Need You: Soul Clap (E Funk: The Album Tour), Thugfucker & Pillowtalk

  • need you. need you is a special event dedicated to living a heightened audio and visual experience. Location will be sent to all ticket buyers on the morning of May 5th, 2012. This is a pre-sale only event. :: More on Soul Clap - EFUNK :: Once a distant message written in the stars, the wisdom of Soul Clap has been beamed down to Earth in the form of EFUNK - Everybody's Freaky Under Natures Kingdom - their debut album on Wolf + Lamb. Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future, but what happened in-between? The dark age of lost-cool, a time of dimensional imbalance when music was devoured by a black-hole of wackness. Now, marked by a solar-flare in the funky constellations, Soul Clap delivers a galactic renaissance to fill our ears with interplanetary consciousness and emancipate our booties from the androids of dancefloor repetition. The days of EFUNK are upon us, restoring dopeness in the universe, as we groove on and move on together in intergalactic harmony! EFUNK: The Album is not just the culmination of two musical lives, it's Soul Clap's statement about the sound of now. After years spent traveling planet earth with only a turntable as transportation and a crate of records as a guide, Soul Clap settled on Earth's tropical Art-Deco paradise of Miami as the perfect spot to build the EFUNK mothership. Limited to 13 songs over 45 minutes to fit on one 12" record and operate the mothership control panel, EFUNK: The Album also tells the story of Soul Clap's journey so far in a concise musical statement that could only be accomplished with the skills of master DJs. Along their path returning from the outer-reaches to save dance music from the eclipse of darkness, Soul Clap’s pop sensibility captured the hearts of many earthlings. Aseries of game changing edits, originals and remixes, a 2010 summeranthem ‘Extravaganza’ and edition of the legendary DJ Kicks series saw their reputation reach intergalactic levels. By harnessing the past, they look to the future and their timeless reworks and original formula has led to remixing legends Laid Back, Robert Owens and DJ Harvey as well as modernpop stars likeMetronomy and Little Dragon. With summersspent touring the world and wintersin Miami training at ping-pong and charting new musical territory, Soul Clap continues their quest to be the hardest working duo in the game. Time stands still, but traverses great distances on the EFUNK transmission. Eli Goldstein AKA Elyte and Charles Levine AKA Cnyce have locked secrets from the outer realms into its design, only to be deciphered through careful attention to its soul. Help in the transformational process is obliged from their close knit Wolf + Lamb family, who have shared and shaped their journey into the consciousness of the terrestrial. The young Jules Born of Voices Of Black duo injects his raw funk stamp into ‘Let’s Groove On’. Baby Prince AKA Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb features alongside other members of the family on ‘The Clapping Song’. “We were just hanging out in Charlie's bed when this one came together. We all just sang our own versions of the lyrics,” says Eli who contributes the saxophone to the jam. Charlie also plays Kazoo, guitar and keys. Greg Paulus of No Regular Play beams in his magnificent trumpet on the serene closing broadcast, ‘Islands in Space’ as Charlie sings in cosmic frequencies and Eli’s father Gary Goldstein strums the bass. Charlie’s vocals play a big part of the appeal of the Soul Clap sound. Their ‘Lonely C’ anthem of last year made it onto BBC Radio 1 daytime and 6Music rotation and EFUNK’s ‘TroubleTroubleTrouble’ shares a similar vibe – wholly connected and real. Goddess deities lead EFUNK’s transmission further into the light. Franceska unveils her Janet Jackson like powers on 'Take It Slow' and Mel Blatt of All Saints fame wrote and sang the lyrics for ‘Ecstasy’ - a typical slow jam from Soul Clap, defined as a record that pulls the body low to the floor and slows down the energy vibrations. Hijacked by a UFO to study the effects of the spotlight over a decade, Mel recently returned with divine powers.“We met Mel at DC10 closing,” explained Charlie, “Her vibe is incredible and the fact that she's seen it through a pop stars eyes is an added bonus.” Her lucid voice returns for ‘Need Your Lovin’. Originally an edit Charlie created from an intense love for the original, when they shared it with Mel over stargazing, her mutual feelings led to them recording her vocal and replaying all the parts, becoming a reinvigorated fresh interpretation of the rave classic. Further into un-charted territory ‘The Alezby Inn’ a cover of legendary west-coast electro don Egyptian Lover, features the humorous genius Genevan Heathen, who shares a Boston connection and unleashes an EFUNK masterpiece, a mischievious jam that speaks its own truth, “its strange but I like it!” ‘Let It Go’ was resurrected from an early demo Roldy Cezaire gave to the guys during their legendary midweek parties in Boston. It became a staple in their car cd player, never forgot it due to Roldy's vibe and innocence, and finally resurrected it for the EFUNK voyage. South African Lazarus Man’s epic ‘When The Soul Claps’ is a staple accapella in Soul Clap performances since he shared it with them. The EFUNK formula beams a mysterious and powerful skyrocket to the stars. EFUNK's intermissions flash back to the days of the duo's childhood in Boston, USA,where theywere beamed to earth to begin their journey to master the strange new worlds of dance music. The last decades before the millennium still loom large in their style. As children of the 90s, the sound never leaves their crates and they traverse the globe resurrecting their memories in the form of the infamous 90s Jam events. Soul Clap's training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. As true conquerers of all earth territory, their EFUNK mission shares a magnum of wisdom, its timeless frequencies bringing new levels of consciousness through time and space to be shared for many moons to come.
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