Lost Baggage feat. Dusty Kid & Ewan Pearson

  • THEME: SPRING CLEAN During 2004 that Dusty Kid creates the project Duoteque with DJ Andrea Ferlin and releases numerous EPs on Boxer Recordings and the tracks were immediately included in the DJ sets of some of the most important names, like Richie Hawtin, Tiefschwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, Dominik Eulberg, Sven Väth and Magda. After the Duoteque experience Paolo decides to take his own way and to release his own productions as DUSTY KID. DUSTY KID Live Set You can't restrict it in a genre... a sort of eclectic techno with influences from the 80's restrained with acid house and spiced with minimal... in few words... a big beat soup! Each month we journey into the never never never land of wrongness. For each party we will be constructing a completely themed destination to house our shit-hot acts and shit hot people. Lost Baggage will feature the crème de la creme of international and local talent. Very deliberately we are providing a distinctly intelligent musical option to the Fluoro-Electro-Cheese-Infested nastiness that has inundated Sydney’s nightlife for way too fucking long. We understand the crimes that have been committed against your eyes and especially your ears so we have single handedly taken charge to rectify this situation. An intelligent clubbing option that is designed for maximum dancing and pisstake ie fun. What else could you possibly expect from a joint Reckless Republic and Finely Tuned operation? Just look for us in the darkest, smokiest, dodgiest corner of the room, we’ll be there. See you on the dancefloor, The Recklessly Tuned Fine Republicans
  • Lost Baggage feat. Dusty Kid & Ewan Pearson - Flyer front