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    howse, kuxxan SUUM, cunei4m, Knomad
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  • this month we are proud to host a completely northeastern line up. Howse, hailing from Providence, RI, has been a friend of on the sly for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Astro Nautico crew, his dense take on juke is pushing the boundaries of what beats at 80/160 bpm can do. Recently signed for Tri Angle Records, our pal Nate is primed to capture the ears and admiration of new audiences. Get in the know before your friends. kuxxan SUUM is another close friend to on the sly. Head honcho at End Fence Records, a label out of Brooklyn releasing FREE MUSIC, he is behind some fantastic releases from OTS alumni Archie Pelago and Doctor Jeep. His original productions often cover ground less traveled, incorporating jazz experimentation and sampling over the funky house mold. Cunei4m hails from Delaware and rounds out this months line up of guests. Already gracing the decks at TURRBOTAX and Outpost1 (parties close to our heart), we're happy to welcome him into the on the sly extended family. Come enjoy a night of FREE boundary pushing music by some up and comers who are only getting bigger and better after this goes down. April 19th presents a unique night and experience. The Unsound Festival will be in LPR's main space, hosting Actress and Hype Williams. Both known as boundary pushers and experimentalists for some time, OTS is happy to host a new wave of American artists looking to offer the similarly indescribable sounds.
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