The Dodo Club feat. Flint Kids (Live) Pyramid Transmissions DJs

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    Flint Kids (Special Live Set) (Interakt) Pyramid Transmissions DJs: (AI/Touchin Bass/Cultivated Electronics/This Dead Planet) ADJ Pathic A Cell Steve Faulkner
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  • The Dodo Club London @ The Battersea Barge Friday 18th May 9pm-late Flint Kids (Special Live Set) (Interakt) Pyramid Transmissions DJs: (AI/Touchin Bass/Cultivated Electronics/ This Dead Planet) ADJ Pathic Acell Steve Faulkner Tickets: £10 advance from here (only 200 capacity, get your tickets NOW!!!) - Facebook event page – Please join The Dodo Club facebook group page for regular event updates: Follow The Dodo Club on Twitter:!/thedodoclublond The Dodo Club is a new musical extravaganza with a difference, featuring an eclectic array of electronic music in a unique and plush nautical setting. The Dodo Club's main aim is to bring the fun back into clubbing and to embrace an array of electronic genres. Our March Launch Party proved to be a real hit... with a phenomenal live DJ set from the mighty Plaid, plus outstanding sets from all the Pyramid Transmissions DJs, who kept the crowd dancing to the end and begging for more... so we stayed open later than advertised! Sterling effort boys! A live recording of each set from the night will be up soon on Soundcloud. Watch this space! The Dodo returns on 18th May for the second shindig.. and he's not taking himself too seriously. After all, he's quite a funny looking bird and he can't fly, so he likes to go back to grass roots level and get on down on the dance floor with the best of them. Join the dodo aboard the Battersea Barge, where Pyramid Transmissions DJs and Flint Kids (Live set), will take you on a voyage of electronic discovery. Dancing and enjoyment is very much encouraged, in a relaxed and quirky atmosphere. There's a chill out area upstairs, plus a great smoking area outside, with a breathtaking view of the river. A unique clubbing experience, The Dodo Club will cross electronic music genres, push musical boundaries and put a smile on your face too. Venue The Battersea Barge Tideway Walk Nine Elms Lane Vauxhall SW8 5BP 020 7498 0004 Nearest tubes: Vauxhall or Battersea Park Rail Tucked away on the south side of the Thames between Vauxhall and Battersea, The Battersea Barge is quickly becoming one of London's worst-kept secrets. More intimate than the capital's other permanently-moored venues, the Barge combines a warm and relaxed atmosphere with first-class musical entertainment and a fully-equipped bar. The barge has developed a reputation as the host of truly unforgettable parties. Live Act Info: Flint Kids (Special Live Set) Flint Kids are London based pioneering electronic music duo Danny Nolan & Dave Smith on Interakt Records. They have been creating various forms of electronica for the past decade, possessing a vast, unreleased back catalogue. In 2000, they began writing music together on an Akai MPC 2000, S600, Korg Trinity and 303. Years later, armed with laptops, Logic, Ableton and other electronic goodies, their outlook is to keep on pushing the boundaries of electronic music, using the world as their synthesizer. Their passion for so many different types of music has saved them from ever being pigenholed. Glitches and bleeps fuse with organic matter fired from a techno blunderbuss, to create a pool of binary sputum that finds no home in any one genre. In 2006, Interakt presented a night featuring Flint Kids who performed alongside Scanone, Milanese, Bass Clef, Untold & more.. at Corsica Studios. This was by no means no ordinary club night. Entitled `Kreatures - Animatronics Meets Bass', Interakt collaborated with pioneering animatronics designers John Nolan, Gustav Hoegen and Josh Head, to build an entourage of animatronic creations with flawless animatronic expressions which were perfectly synced with the music. It was a ground breaking night of next level future bass mechanics... On Saturday 18th May, Flint Kids will be performing a one-off, special live set, written especially for The Dodo Club. Given that they obviously don't do things by halves, this is a set not to be missed! It's also worth mentioning that Flint Kids and Interakt Records, as well as our very own Pyramid Transmissions DJs - ADJ and Pathic, are all currently involved in a special remix project called `Chinese Whispers Project', in aid of 'Youth Music', a charity using music to help disadvantaged children. 4 groups of 4 artists each contribute 1 1/2 minutes of track arrangement. One producer contributes the first part and then passes it on to the next producer who makes his mark, and so on. The fourth producer pulls it all together into a tune to be pressed onto vinyl along with another 3 tunes done via the same process. Folk on board include Si Begg, Carl Finlow, Headcleaner, Cursor Miner, Pathic, ADJ, Tim Exile, Monster X, Flint Kids, Scanone and Otto Von Schirach, amongst others. Please support this worthy cause, more info to follow on: Pyramid Transmissions DJs: ADJ ADJ is a DJ/Producer who has been playing for 25 years and producing for nearly as long, with nearly 70 tracks released to date. Since 2000, Andy has held down DJ residences at Perverted Science, Wang and Scand in London, The Lost Mine in Birmingham and UFO in Plymouth. His two albums of last year 'Beats, Blips and Other Dimensions' and 'Hand of Mysteries' were voted amongst the top 100 releases in Igloo Magazine's readers poll. Look out for ADJ's forthcoming remixes of Scanone, Flint Kids and Broken Weasel, as well as release #10 on the 'Pyramid Transmissions' label he runs with label partner John Cranmer (Pathic). He is a long time member of the underground electronic music scene in London and a regular DJ at BLOC festival. He has appeared at Glastonbury and all over the US and Europe playing a unique blend of underground electronic beats and rhythms. Pathic Pathic (real name John Cranmer) is a British DJ, producer and founder of Pyramid Transmissions – ‘One of the most on form electro labels’ (DJ Magazine). As electro is a tag given to such a divergent range of music, it might be necessary to clarify what we’re talking about here – Body rocking beats that owe more to the likes of Kraftwerk, Underground Resistance and Drexciya, than to ‘80s electropop crooners or painfully trendy East London hangouts. Soulful analogue machinefunk with a cybernetic eye to the future, as opposed to those jarring digital bleepisms with one foot stuck solidly in the past. At the helm of Pyramid Transmissions, Pathic and co-founder ADJ have proved themselves stalwarts of the underground electro scene. For the past decade, the label’s modest, yet steady supply of releases has earned high praise from aficionados and critics alike and its ever-growing roster of talent includes producers from all over the world. In addition to his releases on Pyramid Transmissions, Pathic’s productions have found their way on to other labels, including Cultivated Electronics, Minimalsoul Recordings and the much-respected Ai Records. Since 2003 Pathic has taken his musical endeavours into the live arena with laptop performances at festivals such as Bestival and Bloc Weekend and parties in cosmopolitan cities like Berlin, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Seattle and Lisbon. Whilst Pathic’s own productions are often more rooted in electro, his DJ sets are often a tad more eclectic; expect to hear glitchy techno, broken beats and dubstep rumbles alongside the trademark booming 808 beats. And during his more intimate bar slots, you’re every bit as likely to hear a bit of Tom Tom Club or Cymande, as you are Plaid or John Tejada. Acell Acell is an electronic artist based in London, with several other pseudonyms including Plus One and Baloo. Plus One released an album on defocus records called The Bare Necessities, which was produced by legendary underground dance producers Plaid (ex Black Dog). Acell has extensive experience DJing in many clubs alongside such artists as Mr C, Evil Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Richard Grey, Nathan Cole, ADJ, Pathic, Kris Weston and has played with Plaid on a tour of Ireland and at Lost in London. He is currently working on a new album and material for live gigs for the coming year. Steve Faulkner Steve Faulkner is a b boy at heart and has been dJing for 20 years playing a blend of electro, techno and electronica. He has held down residencies @The End, Scand, Heart and Soul, Warehouse (Birmingham) and played all over europe. He is also one half (with ADJ) of the current 'This Dead Planet' internet radioshow on GFR. The Dodo Club works in association with: Pyramid Transmissions and Beat Unique Beat Unique is an events promotion agency representing cutting edge electronic music acts and DJs, including Pathic from Pyramid Transmissions.
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