Boxjam Festival 07

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    CONFIRMED LIVE ACTS The Asbo Kid: Saytek: Headcleaner (Rephlex / Tera) Prod DeVille (The Fix Up) Skeksi (V3ctor) P45 (Room 237) Synthia: Daz Quayle: (Scsi-Av) x:am: OK Pandora: Micoland: Gazzmann (Widescreen) Andrew Lewis: (The Echo Chamber / Panorama) Xpander (Tishomingo Music) Ant Orange (Gonzo) Gwylo: Semi-Squared (Pollinate): Glitch CONFIRMED DJS Dave Martin & Jay Kilka: (Technique) Jon Nuccle (Krimewave) Laura Jones (Louche) DJ Mossadon: (Electro Empire) Gareth Colley: (mono_cult - Live! set) 3rd Generation Digital (Momentum) T-Breaks: (FreshJive) Cassette Jam & Matt Cooper Death on the Balcony Joe Morris & Broken Hooker DJs Analogue: (HHB Radio) Superboss: (VJ set) agent808 Ben Lewis (Panorama) Dr Mark
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  • Boxjam 07 is an all-day electronic music fundraiser festival for Oxjam with the focus on live performance.
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