Craig Richards presents The Nothing Special

  • Send your RSVP to [email protected] Location will be annonced on the day of the event. Craig Richards Presents The Nothing Special After a long and fruitful relationship between Blkmarket Membership and Craig Richards a residency was offered to The Nothing Special - infamous party, record label and soon to be radio show. The first party took place at the end of 2011 and included a live performance by techno legend Convextion. Because of Craig's busy schedule and unreliable nature it is impossible to define the regularity of the parties. The plan appears to be that they will happen every so often. The second party is set for Friday May 4th and will include rising star DJ Levon Vincent and a rare live performance by techno genius Horror inc. otherwise known as Akufen. Joining The Nothing special party will be your capable host and fine record player Taimur. CRAIG RICHARDS - Visual artist, Producer, Record collector and Gentleman of the night. From dub reggae through jazz , soul and disco to house and techno. Unlike most of his peers Craig has achieved worldwide recognition by staying in one place. The musical identity of Fabric is based around his weekly residency. A DJ that refuses to be restricted by genre, his late night, early morning sets are always challenging, tripped out, quirky and never the same. An ever changing soundtrack that has defined the musical identity of the worlds most famous underground club. His devotion to London means that travelling remains limited. However minds are consistently blown away in far away lands. Craig curates THE NOTHING SPECIAL, produces records as SCUMDOLLY, Plays records with Lee Burridge as TYRANT, makes music with Howie B as BLUNDER, and runs a record label called FIST OR FINGER with Josif.
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