Plex vs Perc Trax - Kangding Ray, Perc, DJ Skirt, AnD, Randomer, Scanone

  • KANGDING RAY [RASTER-NOTON] - LIVE PERC [PERC TRAX] - LIVE AnD [BSR, HORIZONTAL GROUND] RANDOMER [NUMBERS, HEMLOCK] DJ SKIRT [HORIZONTAL GROUND, SEMANTICA] SCANONE [YELLOW MACHINES, OUTSIDE] - LIVE A/V TRUSS [PERC TRAX, OUR CIRCULA SOUND] TESSELA [PUNCH DRUNK, 2ND DROP] FANTASTIC DAMAGE [GRAND CENTRAL] - LIVE MB & CB [COLONY] SKUNKROCK STEWART LOWMAN [OUTLET] JAMES TEC [PLEX, BRACKOUT] PARIS / BERLIN - 20 YEARS OF UNDERGROUND TECHNO - directed by Amélie Ravalec 8pm - 10pm - Very limited complimentary tickets by RSVP to info at plexlondon dot com TICKETS: £8 / £10 ADVANCE / £12 ON THE DOOR (£10 NUS) 10PM - 6AM @ CORSICA STUDIOS, 4/5 ELEPHANT ROAD, SE17 1LB To kick off our storming summer we have pulled together some of the finest talents in electronic music, and hearing their tracks on Corsica's newly overhauled rigs will be a mind-blowing experience! *** PLEASE NOTE, DUE TO FAMILY REASONS, LONE WILL NOT BE APPEARING*** Unfortunately, Lone will be unable to play on Sunday due to family reaons so we've scouted around and drafted in one of the most exciting bass music talents out there; Punch Drunk and 2nd Drop alumni Tessela. We do recognise that some of you were very keen to hear Lone, so we've reduced the ticket price from the already tiny £10 in advance to £9 and for those who've already bought ten pound tickets, we'll be buying you a drink on the night. We've also made the on the door price £10; that's a ridiculously small amount cash for that much techno/bass/whatyoucallit music. Kangding Ray has been creating some of the most powerful and beautifully complex music out there for a while now, and it didn't take long for David Letellier's unique brand of subtly nuanced chords and heavy-hitting beats found their way to one of the world's most innovative and influential labels, Raster-Noton. Kangding Ray's live sets have been garnering wild acclaim worldwide over the past few years and we are honoured to have him over to give you a sublime musical experience. Ali Wells aka Perc has been showing why he's become one of the figureheads of new techno over the past couple of years. A natural talent and a dancefloor destroyer (those who heard him at our 5th birthday party can attest to that!), Perc's keen ear for tempered toughness along with riff and melody is all too often missing in modern electronic music. His esteemed wide-ranging label Perc Trax has been going from strength-to-strength, and with a long-anticipated new LP in the pipeline from Forward Strategy Group, that success seems assured. Mancunian techno badmen Andro and Dimit, otherwise known as AnD make heavy, club-focused Techno/Bass crossover gear, and they're bloody good at it too. They've been pricking up ears across the 4/4 and bass music camps, with tracks aimed at those who dig on thumping kicks and cavity-shaking basslines. So far they've only played one show in London, but we can see that changing quickly for them as they garner recognition globally. Randomer had been on our radar for a while and we'd been hearing his style of heavily-swung percussive bass styles out and about. When they finally touched down in the form of tracks like 'Brunk' on Hessle Audio and 'Real Talk' on Numbers, we knew we had to get him down to Plex! A man steeped in music, his tracks grab you by the shoulders and pull you onto the floor. He'll be dropping some serious badness on June 3rd... watch out! DJ Skirt has quickly gathered a cadré of supporters behind her. With her last joint 'In The Meadow Under The Stars' getting played by some of the major players, and even remixed by the legend T++, it's safe to say she is destined for great things. A slick and switched-on DJ and selector, she knows how to work a mix; just check out her exclusive promo mix that she's put together for us, Mix Of The Day on RA no less! Multi-talented master of A/V Scanone is in our opinion one of the few people who's visual and audible aesthetics combine in an effortless way. A producer with a long history, and an ability to tease out gentle touches in a sea of juddering bass, we're looking forward to Jude giving Corsica's rig a thorough going over. When we saw some of his most recent video work we were taken aback by it's directness of expression, and how easy it seemed for Jude to switch from twisted industry to pastoral colour in both sound and visuals. It's not often you will get to hear and see something so fully realised... this is unmissable. Tom Russell aka Truss seems to have found a rich seam of late. With a new release on Sigha's Our Circula Sound imprint, and live and DJ bookings all over the shop, he's certainly in a purple patch. In our opinion, one of the most versatile Techno DJs out there and someone capable of taking the floor and pushing things up a gear. Tessela pricked up our ears with his 12" on Punch Drunk, D Jane / Channel, two heavy slices of ravebass that are pure fire in the club. He followed this up with a collaborative chunk of dancefloor damage with Hackman and his most recent record on the ever versatile 2nd Drop imprint, showing his already well developed skill for creating the kind of tracks to make you jack. We're very much looking forward to his Plex debut! It's not often you get to say you were there at the very start of something. With Fantastic Damage's live debut at Plex you can... when we first received the track 'Access' from this London-based duo, we knew we were on to a winner. We've been holding on tight to those tracks in advance of a record coming later this year on Grand Central, and we can't wait to hear their brand new live show for the first time ever! All this, backed up with serious firepower from our cohorts and long time allies, Stewart Lowman and Skunkrock alongside resident James Tec... what are you waiting for? Go get your ticket!!
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  • Plex vs Perc Trax - Kangding Ray, Perc, DJ Skirt, AnD, Randomer, Scanone - Flyer front
    Plex vs Perc Trax - Kangding Ray, Perc, DJ Skirt, AnD, Randomer, Scanone - Flyer back