Niederflur, Biomusik

  • NIEDERFLUR (Hannes Wenner and Christopher Bleckmann) have come a long way from the first series of 12”es on M-nus , inspired by the Cologne Subway system, appearing very fragmented and conceptual, to their highly regarded recent releases such as “Teleservice EP” or “Neue Heimat EP” on their on label Niederflurtracks. In 2012 the duo returns by actually adding two different full length products: W...ith “Elemente” ( Little Helpers 029 ) they deliver a very conceptual collection of 14 tracks as reaction to the reality of digital dj-ing. Listening to these tracks at home they might even work as a new form of experimental techno. “Wellenreiter” ( Snork Enterprises 050 ) on the other hand is a classic album, coming in three different configurations: 12” vinyl, via download and a live mix CD which contains new versions of all album tracks plus the four tracks of the “Teleservice EP” performed live by the artists. Working together on their music for many years, Christopher and Hannes never went for the easy option, always staying true to their very own sound-universe built around ground-shaking basslines and forcing drumpatterns. Their constantly lucid sound, known to be very defined and deep, has experienced some major development to a more impulsive style over the years. The experience of performing live profoundly changed their approach to their NIEDERFLUR productions embracing whatever mood there is to find in a club and building their sets from there. Focused, intense, somewhat radiating dark light and stacking intricate sounds high into the night skies, NIEDERFLUR finds a way to push things forward without driving the listener away. See More Personal Interests 12“ "Autobahn " ( minus:ND1 ) "Kalk-Kapelle" ( minus:ND2 ) "Zollstock" ( minus:ND3 ) “DIN“ ( minus:ND5 ) ... „TYPO EP“ ( minus:ND6 ) „LUMEN EP“ (Archipel 018) „Mimesis“ ( niederflurtracks 001 ) „Little Helpers 07“ ( Little Helpers 07 ) “Lumen EP” ( Archipel ) “Bipolar Remixes Pt. I” ( niederflurtracks 003 ) “Bipolar Remixes Pt. II” ( niederflurtracks 004 ) „Teleservice EP” ( Snork Enterprises 041 ) “Tapewurm EP” ( Archipel 079 ) “Neue Heimat EP” ( niederflurtracks 005 ) Album "ND4" ( minus 11 ) „Bipolar“ ( niederflurtracks 002 ) “Elemente” ( Little Helpers 029 ) “Wellenreiter” ( Snork Enterprises 050 ) Compilation “Sülzgürtel“ on „DE:9 Closer to the Edit“ ( Novamute ) “Sprinkler” on “Minimize to Maximize” ( minus ) “Sprinkler” on “Transitions” ( Novamute ) “z. B.” on “Minimize to Maximize 2” ( minus ) “Drehbrücke” on “She’s a Dancing Machine” ( minus ) “Kalk-Kapelle” on “She’s a Dancing Machine” ( minus ) “Porz-Wahn” on “She’s a Dancing Machine” ( minus ) “isv” on “Nothing much and Something more” ( minus ) “Aquamodus” on “Alike Minds: 5 Years of Archipel Music”
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