Stretch Disco with Psychemagik

  • Stretch Disco returns to Manchester’s Northern Quarter clubbing calendar to hold monthly Saturday night gatherings at Night & Day Cafe. To mark their comeback they have booked rising stars of the balearic disco cosmos... PSYCHEMAGIK. The group consists of two producer/DJs who have roots in warehouse parties and underground clubs, their vast and varied record collection is reflected in the melting pot of sounds that blend a delirious mish mash of balearic, folk, electronics, live orchestras, afro disco-isms, vocoders, monster beats and funky psychedelic instros….. Stretch are proud to present one of their favourite DJing duos for their Manchester debut. So let Psychemagik take you by each hand and lead you, blindfolded, into their fantasy world.…. Catch Psychemagik alongside Stretch Disco’s Andrew Clarke and Dan Soulsmith at Night & Day Café. Easter Saturday 7th April.
  • Stretch Disco with Psychemagik - Flyer front