Imaginary Friends - 3 Solo Shows: Jc Bravo / Ben Morey / Paul Caprio

  • Venue
    1310 Gallery
    • 1310 Southwest 2nd Court; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312; United States
  • Date
    Sat, 17 Mar 20126:00pm - 10:00pm

  • Promoter
    1310 Gallery
  • Attending
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    JC Bravo, Ben Morey, Paul Caprio
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  • 1310 Gallery invites you to be seduced by Imaginary Friends, three solo shows that offer a cross-section of some of the freshest talent in South Florida Contemporary art. The three artists featured, JC Bravo, Ben Morey, and Paul Caprio, each create their own surreal, fantastic figurations using imaginative dark humor, conceptual wit, and Renaissance-level draftsmanship. For a duration of 3 weeks, each level will feature individual exhibitions by Bravo, Morey, and Caprio: “All American”, “TV-PG” and “Other World”, respectively. 
 1st Floor | ALL AMERICAN by JC Bravo

 The entrance level of the gallery will premiere Bravo's newest series of figurative symbolism, integrated with humor, pop culture, and social commentary. To explore ideas of “Americanism,” Bravo combines his knowledge of art history, modern art, and psychology with personal experiences and observations of human behavior to create paintings that pose questions regarding abundance, violence, sexuality and self-acceptance. 
 2nd Floor | TV-PG by Ben Morey

 TV-PG is an accretion of multimedia work spanning 2008 to 2012 including drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, and an interactive installation. The works in this colorful exhibit have been created compulsively in response to social tension, self-medication and existential frustrations. Morey's subjects and the environments around them evoke the playfulness of children’s toys and the over-the-top aesthetic of retro television and psychedelia, drizzling an unnervingly cheerful sugarcoating over the tension of each image and installation. 
 3rd Floor | OTHER WORLD by Paul Caprio

 Other World includes the most recent ink drawings by Paul Caprio, exquisitely detailed renderings of conceptual surrealism that will beckon the viewer to look closer. The sophistication of Caprio’s draftsmanship is evocative of Albrecht Durer or Edward Gorey, yet progresses with deeply embedded emotions and parodies of human nature.