Vinyl Projections

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    Crucial D, Regal n Toon of Bronx Dogs, Tas of Bondi FM and Siamese Sound System
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  • Crucial D will re score the anime masterpiece Ghost in the Shell Regal n Toon of Bronx Dogs will re score Shadow of the Vampire starring John Malkovich & William Dafoe Tas of Bondi FM and Siamese Sound System will re score Armitage Dual Matrix Hello and Welcome To your escape from the cheese filled mainstream same as every other Sydney dance event! Vinyl Projections (VP) is here to further the Sydney dance scene; providing YOU with something completely different. Once again, VP has given Sydneyïs leading DJDs 1 month to re score world acclaimed, ground breaking films and bring them to life as you dance your face off - LIVE! VP is quickly becoming the premier event on Sydneyds dance calendars with reviewers hailing this revolutionary new form of live entertainment as nan original and exciting step forward 3d World. VP3 sees some of Sydney s most eclectic and well respected DJrs bring three stunning films to life: One of Australiaes most respected DJos Crucial D will be re scoring Ghost in the Shell With over 20 years combined behind the wheels of steel Regal n Toon will be re scoring Shadow of the Vampire Bondi FM s very own Tas will be re scoring Armitage Dual Matrix Very limited early bird tickets available from the Enmore Theatre box office, @ Newtown and Central Station Records What you can expect from the night expect something truly different expect nothing like youxve seen to before expect to have your head screwed with as you watch a massive build of music follow some of the worlds landmark films expect to dance your face of expect no fake boobs expect no pretension expect to be taken to the next level tak About the movies Ghost in the Shell re scored by Crucial D IT FOUND A VOICE... NOW IT NEEDS A BODY In a world caught in the grip of information overload, where artificial intelligence is more than the real thing and cyborg cops spend their lives surfing on an electronic sea of living data, only the Ghost - the indefinable element of human consciousness - exists to determine who is alive and who is purely a creation of the net. Major Motoko Kusanagi is an elite officer in the Section 9 security force: a cybernetic agent so heavily modified that little more than her Ghost remains. Along with fellow cyborg Bateau and the mostly human Togusa, Kusanagi is set on the trail of a computer-criminal known as the Puppet Master, a data thief skilled enough to hack into the very minds of his victims. His human marionettes live out existences that are nothing more than computer generated fantasy, unwittingly committing their master's crimes while the Ghost-hacker hides in the darkness. But as Kusanagi digs deeper into the walls of secrecy surrounding the case, it appears that the Puppet Master has a special interest in her alone. And when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shadowy Section 6, enter the scene, Kusanagi becomes tangled in a web of plot and counterplot, and realizes the true identity of her invisible assailant lies at the center of a vast and lethal political conspiracy... Shadow of the Vampire re scored by Regal n Toon Rapturously received at its world premiere in Directors' Fortnight at Cannes 2000, 'Shadow of the Vampire' is a witty, atmospheric and deliciously feverish tale inspired by the great German film director F.W.Murnau and the making of his unforgettable 'Nosferatu'. The film dares to suggest that Murnau made a Faustian pact with an actual vampire to play the title role in exchange for the neck of the leading lady. Anchored by an astounding performance by Willem Dafoe, the film's distinct, offbeat sensibility and its ability to steer a course between its slightly tongue in cheek premise and some genuinely disturbing moments make this one of the most talked about films of the year lDelectable for even the non-vampire palate, Shadow of the Vampire is a vividly haunting edgy drama that delivers more than you bargain for.e Louise Keller Urban Cinefile ¿Savagely compelling and the epitome of the double cross, Shadow of the Vampire sucks you in. I dare you!" Louise Keller Urban Cinefile "Constantly the canny way that its transformed a legendary intrigue into something far more substantial" Sunday Age "Malkovich does not put a foot wrong throughoutiDafoe loses himself in the massive physical transformation needed to play Schrecki. One of the chief delights of Shadow of the Vampire is looking for him" Herald Sun Armitage Dual Matrix re scored by Tas Naomi Armitage (voice of Juliette Lewis) and Ross Sylibus have changed their names and live with their daughter Yoko as a happy and normal family on Mars - until a robot riot breaks out at an anti-matter plant on Earth. Armitage learns the riot is a plot to suppress evidence of illegal research and development of more "Third Types" and decides to go to Earth to find out who is behind this heinous act. What Armitage discovers is the most powerful enemy she has ever encountered - replicas of herself! "ARMITAGE IS AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL OF NO MERCY, WHO FEARS NO ONE IN HER TWISTED CYBERPUNK WORLD." - Todd McFarlane