The Jungle Brothers Live. An Exhibition Of Sound. Chapter 4, Hip Hop

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  • TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR FOR TONIGHT / Fri April 13th An Exhibition of Sound - Chapter 4 / Hip Hop - The Mighty JUNGLE BROTHERS LIVE + a special DJ set from the one and only DJ SAMMY B + special guests. The JBS one of the most famous and celebrated Hip Hop groups of all time returning a career-spanning set dropped loud, hard and fast at The Bussey Building / CLF Art Cafe. The original Native Tongue Head honchos [De La Soul and A Tribe called Quest], artists that can truly claim the title Legendary. Mike Gee, Afrika Baby Bam & Dj Sammy B performing Live as part of their "Straight Out The Jungle Spring Reunion Tour' Special Guests DJs include DMC Champion DJ BLAKEY, Veteran Turntabalist DJ SIYA, CLF Head-honcho JAZZHEADCHRONIC + More. Runs: Fri April 13th From 10pm - 5am. Admission: £10, £12, £15 BAND ON STAGE AROUND MIDNIGHT! TICKETS ON SALE NOW! HUNDREDS OF TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR! SO COME GET SOME! INFO: THE JUNGLE BROTHERS BIO The JUNGLE BROTHERS took the 80s and 90s by storm and pioneered the fusion of Jazz/Hip-Hop and Jungle/Drum and Bass and Hip House! If you love Hip Hop, Hip House and Drum and Bass then you love the Jungle Brothers yes it really is that simple! The JUNGLE BROTHERS have been around since Hip Hop's Golden Age, and they continue to adapt creatively to the changing sound scapes of both Hip Hop and DJ culture. They first appeared on the NYC Hip Hop scene with the release of the groundbreaking “Straight Out The Jungle” in 1988. This recording was the birthplace of the NATIVE TONGUES POSSE a triumvirate of innovative Rap groups (including De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Monie Love and later Mos Def) and was instrumental in influencing later envelope pushing artists like the Roots, Arrested Development, Pharcyde, Madlip, Common, Kanye West and others. Following up their raw, energetic debut, the group went into the studio with NYC underground club and house producer Todd Terry, and Hip house was born. "I'll House You" became a bona fide international hit, making Terry one of the most in-demand remixers to this day. A major label bidding war ensued, and the Jungle Brothers subsequently signed to Warner Bros. Free to sample and manipulate in a more sophisticated setting, the JBs mixed up breaks and beats that recalled the Bronx block parties of their youth, incorporating elements from jazz, soul, and funk classics.The resulting album: “Done By The Forces Of Nature”, ranks with other masterpieces of the era like the Beastie Boys “Paul's Boutique” and De La Soul's seminal “Three Feet High And Rising”. They went on and released "J Beez wit the remedy", “Raw Deluxe” and "All that we do" and collaborated with the likes of Stereo Mcs, Fat Boy Slim, Propellerheads and the Wiseguys. The Jungle Brother’s remix of “Jungle Brothers” with Jungle/Drum and Bass producer “Aphrodite” was a benchmark not only for the Drum and Bass genre but for all types of electronic music catapulting the JBs to music top tables. DJ MAG just voted "Ill house you" the 10th most important house track of all time. Music Videos: (I’ll house you) (Jungle Brothers + A Tribe Called Quest live) (Because I got it like that –Fatboy Slim rmx) (I’ll house you) (because I got it like that) (“doin our own thang” feat De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest + Monie Love) (“Buddy” feat De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest + Monie Love) (40 below trooper) (Brain) (“how ya want it” feat De La Soul) (Jungle Brothers – Aphrodite RMX) (VIP) (breathe and stop remix) (Bestival festival Sept 2011 live)
  • The Jungle Brothers Live. An Exhibition Of Sound. Chapter 4, Hip Hop - Flyer front
    The Jungle Brothers Live. An Exhibition Of Sound. Chapter 4, Hip Hop - Flyer back