Need2soul presents Body & Soul

  • Legendary New York party Body & SOUL makes a special return to London this Easter Sunday April 8th for eight hours of open-minded, fun-filled house party vibes to celebrate 15 years doing what they love. Body & SOUL is the renowned collaboration of Francois K, Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell and Danny Krivit with an “anything goes” deep and soulful music policy and one rule: Have fun. Having packed out venues all around the world over the last 15 years, Body & SOUL is famous for throwing some of the best and most uplifting parties around. Body & SOUL is always a good time – and this Easter Sunday London special, brought to the capital by Need2Soul, will not disappoint. The history is this. Body & SOUL was born out of wanting to do something different from the clubs that were being filled in Manhattan, NYC every week. British promoter John Davis approached Francois K about doing a party modelled on the London afterhours style, starting Sunday morning when the other clubs had shut. The party was to be in a warehouse in a corner of lower Manhattan that still, in those days, hadn’t been developed. Club Vinyl as it was known would become an integral part of Body & Soul. It was the start of something wonderful – a weekly Sunday daytime house party with a difference. The goal was to make people dance, but in a different environment. Taking the pretensions out of clubbing, there was no dress code. This wasn’t about posing, not about a scene. It was all about the music. And it still is. Key to their success was an exploration of a diverse soundtrack of soulful, groove-filled tunes, taking in disco, techno, house, soul, funk and everything in between. Since then the Body & SOUL star has continued to shine brightly, with parties around the world and compilations mixed by the trio to support the B&S open-minded music ethos. And now, 15 years after it all began, Francois K, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit are back in the capital for a super-charged daytime party in one of London’s most gorgeous new spaces. Playing host to Body&SOUL for this very special Easter Sunday event on its opening weekend is unique East London venue Oval Space, a stunning new statement loft space off Hackney Road, perfect for that all-day party vibe. London promoter Alex Ruello’s Need2Soul party has been doing its own thing since 2004. Dedicated purveyors of raw house, disco, techno, jazz, soul and more, Need2Soul has an uncompromising and underground, music-first approach that was at first inspired by Body & SOUL. This Need2Soul presents… Body & SOUL 15 Year Anniversary event will make this an Easter Sunday to remember: a whole day of one-of-a-kind musical magic as the famous trio bring the party back to London. Tickets are on sale now, but grab them while you can – Body & SOUL will always sell out.
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