Skank Ft Boris Noiz, Karsten Pflum, Sigma, Dj Scotch Bonnet

  • We’re back, and this time its with our biggest line up to date. Bringing you a rave to end all raves, is a special attack squad of the heaviest calibre- hand-chosen from the darkest depths of the bass scene... Boris Noiz Serbian Boris Noiz has released on Combat, Yellow Machines, Subtrakt, Bankai Audio, EX7. He has remixed such renowned artists as Scorn, Machinecode, Anodyne, Point B and Gunjack. His tracks have received support from Surgeon, Rob Booth (Electronic Explorations), Scanone, Warlock & Noyeahno, Stormfield and many others. Bursting with rave hoovers, clattering beats and rattling bass - its not hard to see why. This guy is definitely not to be missed. Sigma Demolitions expert Sigma is on special assignment from UK’s Ugly Funk division, the most revered techno militia in the country. Armed with bass heavy and experimental rave music, expect her to blow a hole through the back wall... Besides regular Ugly Funk missions in London and Berlin, Sigma has played across the world, including in Bloc Weekend (UK), Glade Festival (UK), Art of Music (Russia), Strike (Italy), Autonomous Mutant Festival (USA), Dissonant (UK). You’ll be bouncing to this lady’s broken beats. DJ Scotch Bonnet Joining us under his new secret guise, we have Japanese noise-specialist DJ Scotch Egg. He is an undefeated, heavyweight champion of industrial bass after spending years honing his skills to a razor-sharp edge. On the 9th, he is going to unleash his latest creation deep in Skank’s Subland bunker, with enough RMS power to kill a horse. Karsten Pflum Karsten Pflum is one of the most respected names in the underground. Coming from a background of 80’s synth pop, Detroit techno and Nordic folk-music, he began playing around with old synths and sequencers in the middle of the 90´s, quickly developing into a big name in electronica. Scan on a few years. Pflum’s attention is perked by the bass scene. His hones his sights. Attention quickly follows and Pflum is soon receiving support from BBC’s legendary John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs, among a huge number of others. Ad Noiseam wisely snaps up the Danish artist and its not long before his bass-filled goodness is filling sound systems all over the world. An epic journey from wonky dubstep to full on jungloid goodness awaits! Stype We’re delighted to have Berlin’s Stype give the “Beast in the East” a good rattle. Believing in letting the music speak for him, Stype avoids hype. Whether he likes it or not- he’s become rather well known for his choice taste in electronics. Especially for a man who likes to hide in the shadows... Monolog Native Instruments lead tester Mads Lindgren has effect tricks packed up his sleeve. Championing his customised pair of Maschines, he’ll be jamming out an exclusive 90 BPM slow-poison set to open the night. Mads is joining us fresh from the release of his latest LP, Aerodynamic on Uhrlaut. Rory St John With support from the likes of Surgeon, Rob Hall and Dave Clarke, Rory St John is no stranger in the techno scene. Razor sharp synths, broken techno beats and industrial flavours. Fresh from wrecking the Tresor basement last month, get ready for total sonic destruction this weekend in our darkened Friedrichshain lair. Swarm Intelligence Swarm will be bringing us a new live set of mashed bass-heavy beats. Be sure and check out his forthcoming Shards EP on Stasis Records for a taster!
  • Skank Ft Boris Noiz, Karsten Pflum, Sigma, Dj Scotch Bonnet - Flyer front