Jeff Mills. Axis Records 20th Anniversary

  • Almost from the inception of term "Techno" that emanated from Detroit, the philosophy has stood for an individual's right to expand themselves through innovation and artistic expression, the direct opposite of the conformist public understanding and expectation. The subservience of commercialism and the status quo. Techno was conceived and designed to offer an alternative. Jeff Mills is an artist who originates from Detroit who was not only one of the forerunners of this genre, but also defiantly continues to practice this philosophy and carries its spirit to the World; from his extensive work as a radio personality known as "The Wizard" on Detroit's major radio stations in the 1980's or his constant touring of the World and his occasional stops in Berlin to play Tresor, his message has not changed. His list of accomplishments is the highest and longest in the genre of Techno Music. In 2007, Mills received the title of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French Ministry of Culture. In 2008, he was commissioned to create a contemporary installation for the 100 Year Anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto at the Pompidou Center in Paris. From performing his music with Philharmonic Orchestra of Montpellier to re-scoring Fritz Langs' Metropolis, Jeff Mills has always displayed an uncanny perception of the Future of things to come, all well maintaining a steady persistent flow of impressive albums and releases in the Techno genre. It all documents the development of this exceptional artist. From his cult label Axis Records, his experimental structures dominate the techno landscape. Often on subjects of the future, outer space and time travel, his motives are not typical. Nor are they restricted to the trends of popular Music. The sound of his productions is unmistakable: with "The Bells" released in 1996 for example, he composes one of techno music's most played tracks ever. In 2008, he along with his ex-partner Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, released a conceptual album about traveling to and across the rings of the Planet Saturn. In all, his work has always been notable and anticipated. In 2012, Jeff Mills looks back on the 20 years of his label's history. The tour will make its stop in the Tresor (Globus) on 23rd of April where he will play a extended 6-hour set reflecting on the sound and creativity that has made his work and label a pillar in the dance music world.
  • Jeff Mills. Axis Records 20th Anniversary - Flyer front