Drag and Drop 009

  • Venue
    Cafe Nona
    • Národní 1393/4, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Date
    Sat, 25 Feb 201221:00pm - 4:00am
  • Promoter
    Drag and Drop
  • Attending
    • 8
  • Lenique is a dj and the co-founder of the Tel Aviv based electronic line "Traumpunkt", an audio/video promo group, that during 2 years of existence became one of the most important parts of israely electronic music scene, supporting local artists and inviting well known and also underground musicians from Europe and the States. Lenique is playing in almost every Traumupnkt event. She's building up the unique musical basis of these parties. Her 11 years piano studies background makes the musical content be so special. Her mixing is smooth and gentle, her track-selection is precise, that's the reason why her sets sound like 'a harmony journey', where the mood is going with the flow of the crowd. The fact that she has graduated Shenkar academy of engineering and design as a fashion designer, and that she is very interested in arts in general, forces her to keep the abstractness and experimental side of modern electronic music. Lenique played in many israely well known clubs such as The Block, Levontin 7, Culture Club aside of Theo Parrish, Anton Kubikov, Benjamin Fehr, S-Max, Lena Popova, Marc Lansley, Frank Bean and many more talented djs and producers. In the last year Lenique went to several tours in different cities in Europe, like Moscow, Stockholm and Berlin, where among other clubs she performed in Berghain Kantine, Suicide Circus and the legendary "Club der Visionäre". Mary Yuzovskaya was born in Moscow, graduated musical school (piano). She started to collect records in 2003, but only in the end of 2006 decided to try to play on public. From the beginning of her musical career Mary managed to play nearly in all clubs in Moscow (such as Arma 17, Mix, Propaganda and many more) and different russian cities. In 2011 Mary moved to Berlin, her bookings took on a broader scope and now she travels more and more with her gigs. Mary works in such styles as techno, deep techno and techhouse, in which she is searching for the most interesting and unusual releases. She pays a lot of attention to the structure of her sets, strictly watching the stylistic consistency.
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