Mulletover 8th Birthday: Carl Craig presents 69, Maya Jane Coles, Midland & Appleblim

  • ***** IMPORTANT VENUE INFORMATION: Due to an in incident at a Motorola event at Pulse last night, we have had to move the mulletover 8th birthday to The Coronet.******* ***TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR FROM 10PM.*** Looking forward to seeing everyone later on for the celebrations. Be sure to say happy birthday to Rob too as it's his birthday tonight too!!! x The police have sealed off the whole of Pulse nightclub to finish off critical forensic analysis, however we have secured ourselves a worthy replacement in the shape of The Coronet. Those of you who witnessed Laurent Garnier in our arena on New Years Eve will testify to the sound and production values of The Coronet. These things are sent to test us, and we've been tested a lot in the 8 years we've been doing parties, but rest assured we will have an amazing night... To make the anniversary a special one this year we’ve ordered ourselves a bit of a treat in the form of Carl Craig’s 69 live show. Carl Craig’s 69 show came as part of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of his Planet-E imprint last year. As 69, Carl Craig produced the first ever EP for Planet-E in 1991 – ‘4 Jazz Funk Classics’ – a release inspired from his love of the disturbing sound and vision of English avant-garde group, Throbbing Gristle and somewhat of a landmark. Further releases included iconic masterpieces ‘Sound on Sound’, the frenetic ‘Jam The Box’, the beautiful ‘Desire’, ‘Pungtang’ and an album from 69 - ‘The Sound Of Music’. Planet-E also released a limited edition 69 vinyl box-set in 2009, entitled ‘The Legendary Adventures Of A Filter King’. For our birthday, Carl Craig will perform Live a selection of the finest 69 classic releases, infused with masks, darkness and ‘retina popping’ visuals to stimulate all senses in a show that has only been performed on a few exclusive dates thus far. Having announced herself onto the electronic music scene in 2010, Maya Jane Coles has had an unbelievable few years since earning 9th best DJ in the world in Resident Advisor’s 2011 top 100 DJ’s poll. With a procession of critically acclaimed releases over the past few years, Maya is a bright talent with more than a couple of strings to her bow. Riding pretty atop a wave of interest from all corners, mulletover are particularly pleased to have her along for the Easter celebrations. Media-savvy-musical-maestro Gavin Herlihy turned his back on a successful journalism career, shipped himself off to Berlin and hammered out a series of top notch releases. Having unleashed the producer inside and switched professions fruitfully, this year sees him with forthcoming releases on Crosstown Rebels, Culprit and Leftroom, backed up by previous outings on scene leaders like Cocoon, Cadenza, Get Physical and Buzzin Fly. Harry Agius, also known as Midland, is a producer that blends together all things house and techno and let’s the music decide its own identity. Being played by techno, house, funky and dubstep DJs, the sounds of Midland are deep, dystopic and demonstrative of all things dance. Hotflush acolyte and Man Make Music label head George FitzGerald completes the line-up. Back in June, he released a solid EP on Aus Music, Silhouette, and on December 5, Fitzgerald releases a new single, "Shackled", on Hotflush. The title track made an appearance on Hotflush head Scuba's excellent recent entry in the DJ-Kicks mix series. With the massive success of their January Sale this year with Joy Orbison and Michael Mayer, a line up this diverse for the Birthday will further open up corners of mulletover's ever burgeoning fanbase. Moving away from the 'secret location' trend of recent times mulletover have announced Pulse, situated a stones throw away from London's river Thames in Southwark, to be the venue for this special event. You can read a bit more about why we chose Pulse for the job here: Happy eight years strong.